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Frontend Senior Software Engineer



As Frontend Senior Software Engineer & Architect at TrainingPeaks, you'll have the opportunity to establish and further bring engineering rigor, best practices, and principles to the marketing engineering team. You'll be a part of building strong, collaborative, integrated, and cross-functional teams as opposed to siloed developers on disparate projects. We are looking for you to assist us in blurring existing static and dynamic sites along with our web app into a single cohesive experience. We are also looking to increase our HTML, CSS, and JS capacity to update and produce both static pages and content.

To put it simply, we're growing and are excited to bring an experienced software engineer onto the marketing team to expand their existing engineering resources.

As Frontend Senior Software Engineer & Architect you will:

  • Help blur our static marketing site, search-based marketplaces, and React-based web-app into a cohesive experience for athletes and coaches in order to increase our trial-to-premium conversion rate
  • Serve as senior technical resource for creative, sales, brand, and content teams, informing discussions and objectives with technical considerations to surface all options and evaluate the true cost and benefit of each
  • Help implement the customer team’s online vision, updating and creating beautiful, compelling, highly ranked, and performant static sites, sport-specific guides, event centers, education centers, and more
  • Support technical architectural discussions and decisions across web app, content, customer success, creative, marketing, brand, and sales teams to make the best decisions today enabling success tomorrow
  • Implement consistent design, content, and functionality across multiple domains and technology stacks using style guides, shared components, APIs, and more to solidify and consolidate our brand identity
  • Integrate analytics and event tracking to pass data efficiently from our various sites to our CRM platform, our data warehouse, and our database to enable cross-company reporting, analysis, and continuous improvements


  • Passion for writing great software, promoting best practices, and working with a team. As senior software engineer embedded on a small, growing team, you’ll need to lead by example, promote good practices, and build strong relationships.
  • Excellent communication skills [written and verbal] as well as the ability to present ideas to groups, foster discussions between teams, and mentor younger developers. We need you to bring new solutions to classic problems and to communicate your ideas effectively in a group.
  • Proven ability to work across multiple teams, different technology stacks, and complicated ecosystems to help share styles, components, and assets across our sites, merging our products and services into a cohesive visual and functional experience.
  • Successful experience selecting technology, tools, and architecture within an organization, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each option, and weighing present needs against future ones. We’ve grown successfully for years, and we need your help to select the right tools and architecture to continue.
  • Proven track record surgically refactoring large, existing ecosystems; targeting minimum change for maximum benefit; balancing long-term and short-term needs; and, driving small, constant architectural changes from design to release in order to continuously move valuable work out-the-door.
  • Ability to create beautiful web pages. We need you to help bring the work of our creative and content teams to life using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, including modern frameworks like React or Vue.
  • High skill with RESTful, API-based web design, consuming internal and external endpoints as well as gathering requirements for new ones. We need you to push and pull data from third-party applications as well as our own to create a compelling, immersive, data-driven user experience.
  • Familiarity with enterprise-level infrastructure. We need you to thrive within (or improve upon) our existing infrastructure to manage changes using Git and Github; generate static sites using Hugo, Gulp, and Gatsby; manage content using Wordpress API; and, deploy content using TeamCity, S3, and CloudFront.
  • Mastery of content optimization. We need you to help ensure our content is maximally effective: displaying beautifully, loading quickly, converting well, and ranking highly.
  • A good knowledge of object-oriented design, common object-oriented practices, and design patterns (in any language). You need you to understand the reasoning behind modern design patterns, not only using them but teaching them as well.

Ideally, you also possess:

  • Experience with a server-side language (bonus points for C# and the .NET framework). Understanding a server-side language will not only help you communicate with the back-end engineering teams that support you, but it will help you work deeper in our technology stack independently.
  • Experience with server-side Javascript including Node.js, NPM, GraphQL, and Apollo. These technologies power our Content API, which delivers content to our coach and athlete blogs, and perhaps, in the future, our industry partners.
  • Experience with browser-based animations (parallax, SVG, CSS animation, etc). We would like to add tasteful animations to our various sites in order to increase their vitality and stickiness.
  • Experience with advanced full-text search systems like ElasticSearch or Solr. We use ElasticSearch to search training plans, coaches, and more. Understanding the features of full-text search will help you build better tools to utilize them.
  • Experience with cross-platform, browser-based testing (e.g., Selenium, UAT, etc). Code isn’t done until it’s tested. Unfortunately, on the front-end, this can be difficult. We can always use help increasing the test coverage of our front-end websites.
  • Experience with TrainingPeaks

If this job description excites you, we're looking forward to connecting!

Please Note: A code test will be included as part of the interview process


Benefits and Perks Include:

  • 100% company paid medical plan for employees with buy-up options as well as dental and vision insurance for employees (dependent coverage available)
  • 401(k) 5% match
  • $1,200/year fitness reimbursement to purchase any items related to healthy living
  • 3 weeks of PTO for all new hires; increase in PTO at various years of service
  • 4 week paid sabbatical for all employees after 7 years of employment
  • Stocked kitchen with snacks and drinks
  • Dog friendly office
  • Music Studio for all to practice, jam, and record
  • On-site workout area access: treadmill, bike trainers, rowers, and full weight lifting gym with CrossFit equipment, with changing rooms and showers and towel service
  • Corporate discounts on gym memberships and top-brand gear
  • Beautiful North East Boulder, CO location (with a few remote days possible)
  • Flexible work schedule in a culture of trust


TrainingPeaks is a member of the Peaksware family of companies including Alfred Publishing, MakeMusic, TrainingPeaks, and TrainHeroic. Peaksware was recognized as #15 on Built in Colorado's "Best Places to Work" list and five times by Outside Magazine's "Best Places to Work"! Through our unique approach to deliberate practice, each company within Peaksware develops software solutions to help users on their individual journeys of skill development and improvement.

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