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Front-end Engineer


Who are we?

We created f2pool — one of the largest crypto mining pools on the planet. We are a small team spread on three continents.

What are we doing now?

We expanding f2pool worldwide. Also, we are working on several promising projects in the blockchain space.

What is cool about working with us?

We have an awesome office in Bangkok, Thailand where we are organizing lots of community events and we are more than happy to cover your relocation cost to Thailand. Exceptional candidates can also work remotely, in which case we will sponsor you one trip to Thailand per year to work with the team in person.

What are we looking for?

  • Top-notch front end software engineers, with a passion for blockchain.
  • Good taste in Design and UX. An obsession with quality and the little things 
  • Extensive experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, modern tooling and libraries
  • Extensive experience with HTML, CSS, preprocessors and related web technologies
  • Fluent in frameworks and tools, such as React, Redux, MobX, webpack
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript fundamentals and the roots of modern tooling
  • Ability to build in an un-opinionated framework-free vanilla JS environment
  • Canvas API experience is very welcome
  • Strong opinions, loosely held, on architectural and designs topics
  • Comfortable with ambiguity, able to take charge and get things done despite the unknowns
  • Ability to mentor junior members on the team 

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