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Senior Frontend Developer


The product is a legal tech software company. The objective is to own the legal tech market and
become the leader in legal as Salesforce has done in the sales technology space. Given the
massive growth of data over the last 20 years, poorly built legal technology products have
severely decreased lawyers ability to practice the law.
Our fundamental mission includes building a unified technology platform for the practice of law,
composed of 7+ products released over the next 10 years. Great technology can solve
problems of scale in data, in laws, and in business operations that have distracted lawyers from
doing what they went to law school to do. The product is fixing the law by automating the parts of the
practice that can be automated so that great lawyers can focus on tasks that really do require
human legal judgment.

Position Requirements:

? Must be a seasoned UI engineer with advanced JavaScript/ES6 knowledge, 5+ years of
SPA development using modern UI frameworks and advanced CSS techniques
? Must enjoy the challenges of architecting a ‘micro-frontend’ architecture that does not
compromise UX and end user performance SLAs.
? Must be able to design and implement a layered application architecture that can be
easily changed to accommodate evolving business requirements.
? Must design and communicate external and internal architectural perspectives of
well-encapsulated systems (e.g. Service Oriented Architecture, Docker based Services,

? Might have experience using Feature or Release Toggles as a code branching strategy.
? Might have experience identifying, selecting and extending 3rd party components
(commercial or open source) that provide operational leverage.
? Might have experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
environments with an emphasis on a well-maintained testing pyramid.

Knowledge UI Architecture: React, Redux, redux-saga, Apollo Client, Styled Components,
Jest/Enzyme, etc.

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