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Posted 4 years ago
We are looking for an experienced Senior Front End Engineer to contribute significantly to the architecture and visual components of a modern, React-based, web stack.

We are currently using React in the development of an emerging, greenfield, product, as well as modernising an existing in-production, server-rendered, application. As our existing products have grown significantly, the senior engineer would be responsible for increasing the reliability and scalability of a web-based application. Additionally, we are actively developing new products and are seeking to develop a modern, rigorous, and sustainable approach to development.

Privitar is a rapidly growing VC-backed company based in London, building software to enable the safe and ethical use of valuable data for analytics and machine learning. We work with large organisations worldwide in financial services, telecommunications, pharma and government, enabling them to get the most out of data without compromising on privacy and security. As we pioneer this new enterprise software category of Privacy Engineering, you’ll serve this emerging business need and address a social issue of growing importance.

We are looking for a talented engineer, who loves immersing themselves in complex problems. You will be building innovative solutions using the latest technologies to solve one of the most important problems of the big data age.


- Contribute to architectural and technological decisions involved in a modern web-based application (using React, and TypeScript).
- Contribute to the creation and adoption of an internal design system, i.e. a reusable library of visual components.
- Build a user-focused, data-intensive product that our users can navigate and use with ease and accuracy.
- Work with product managers, senior developers, tech leads, and engineering managers, to advocate and communicate our rapidly evolving product requirements.
- Implement new features in existing products, in an extensible, scalable and well-tested way.
- Contribute significantly to the the migration of an existing server-rendered application into a modern web-based stack (i.e. React).


- At least 3 years commercial front-end development experience, of which React is a large component.
- Strong knowledge of JavaScript, and the fundamental concepts of React and JSX (e.g. reconciliation, and Component architecture).
- Experience building software which is complex and/or data-orientated.
- Understanding of underlying web technologies, e.g. HTML, CSS, HTTP protocol.
- Familiarity with testing libraries (e.g. Mocha and Jest) and approaches (e.g. unit testing, e2e testing, UI component tests).
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills, especially in explaining and justifying technologies, patterns, and decisions


- Previous experience working in a cross-functional, product team
- Exposure to full-stack or backend development, especially Java
- Experience using a typed language, especially TypeScript.
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