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Front End Developer

Ideal Flatmate is looking for a creative, talented and team-oriented front-end developer to help us lead innovation across our existing and emerging features.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join the team at a key moment in our growth. We are backed by industry experts and have seen our user-base 10x in the last 4 months.

Ideal Flatmate is an online flat matchmaking service that brings together compatible flatmates using a simple 20-question survey and an algorithm. The site has grown fast since launching in 2016, and now attracts over 300,000 users per month. More information can be found at

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll be part of a small team solving some genuinely unique problems in a sector that’s ripe for innovation and new technology
  • You’ll be one of our earliest full time engineers with the freedom to shape the design and development of an entirely new set of systems, including working with new technologies
  • A competitive salary and share options package as an early employee
  • Flexible working hours and arrangements

What are we looking for in you?

  • You must be an experienced software developer with particular skills in React & React Native
  • Exceptional problem solving abilities and communication skills
  • The appetite and ability to contribute to debates about our ever-evolving business strategy

We are based in London however are accepting applicants who are willing to work remotely on a similar timezone to the UK.

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