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Endpoint Closing

Endpoint Closing aims to modernize the escrow closing process by removing legwork, faxes and emails and bringing the complex workflows of the escrow business into a state of the art app.

We’re building software that allows homeowners and home buyers to transfer property without leaving their home or office by enabling money transfer, document signing and more through our app.

We’re using AWS, NodeJS and React/ReactNative to deliver high quality technology to our growing user base.  If you are excited about modernizing one of the last bastions of old school low tech, we’d like to talk to you.

Culture of communication
The Endpoint engineering team prides itself on building an honest, transparent and supportive culture that creates a space where everyone can be heard, and where every team member is respected.  No matter what your communication style, we create an appropriate channel for you to speak your mind. 

Balancing work and everything else in your life
At Endpoint, we believe that the most productive engineers are people who are well rested, well fed, and have plenty of time to spend doing the things they love outside of the workplace.  That's why we have WFH Fridays every other week, we supply lunch for the team every Wednesday, we have a "two weeks to unlimited" PTO policy, and we encourage you to WFH when you need heads down time or have family responsibilities that make coming into the office that day impractical.

Working, and playing, together
We believe that the best teams trust each other and enjoy spending time together.  As such, we organize team and company events, from casual happy hours to big nights out at places like The Magic Castle.  We strive to create social opportunities for our teams to relax together, and we're open to all sorts of activities -- from rock climbing, to sailing, attending tech events together and whatever else teams come up with -- employee happiness is an important metric that we are serious about investing in.

Building great things
Our goal is to build software we can be proud of and tools that improve people's lives.  We strive for excellence by honestly assessing our strengths and weaknesses and working together to improve ourselves and our product.  We leverage TDD, code reviews and collaborative creative sessions to ensure we are shipping high quality code at an ever increasing velocity.

Our current application is live in Seattle with much positive feedback from the real estate sector there.  It was brought to market in just 6 months, and we have proven that product/market fit is there.

Now, we need to harden the code base and improve the user experience, while continuing to build internal tools that help our engineers work more efficiently.  We’re looking for the next cohort of Endpoint engineers -- experienced problem solvers who get excited about helping teams level up and improve. 

About the role

Our front end clients are written in React and React Native, using React Native Web to allow us to write once, deploy everywhere.

We are looking for a senior (5+ years) engineer to build features for our apps.  You will:
  • Work on a 4 person scrum team to deliver high quality, well tested code
  • Help mentor junior developers
  • Help set the standard regarding code quality and test coverage
  • Help build the engineering culture at Endpoint

This role reports to the senior engineering manager and is 100% hands-on.  You will work closely with the rest of the team to refactor the current code base into a stable, well architected platform, ready for future growth.

Our stack is React based, but we are open to candidates who have experience in any language or framework.  However, we do require a few important attributes:
  • You are well versed in TDD and modern testing frameworks
  • You have worked on a significant front end code base (in any framework) before
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