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Frontend Engineer


Gremlin is on a mission to make the internet more resilient. By pioneering the discipline of Chaos Engineering, Gremlin is helping leading internet companies bolster resiliency in a world with increasingly complex software.

We’re building a simple-to-use platform which helps engineering teams safely and securely test their systems for weaknesses, fix problems before they become outages, and ultimately gain another 9 of availability.

More reliable systems translate to more sales for e-commerce businesses (even on the busiest of days), increased uptime for SaaS businesses with SLAs, and fewer late-night “on-call” sessions for engineering teams.

About the Role of Frontend Engineer

Gremlin’s frontend engineers are responsible for building a stunning, flexible and resilient end user experience which targets modern browsers and devices by using the latest and greatest JavaScript features and tooling. Day to day activities consist of implementing browser-based, client-side features across multiple codebases in a clear and reusable manner. It is particularly important that candidates for this position are open-minded to new practices, techniques and technologies and are able to take responsibility for their own continuing education.


  • Implement features across multiple React codebases using the latest technologies
  • Own and improve the UI deployment process
  • Take part in the on-call rotation, triaging and rectifying customer-facing issues
  • Automate and improve testing of features using Jest, Cypress, etc.

Key Skills and Attributes

  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks, namely React
  • Experience with styling, namely CSS, SASS and Emotion
  • Attention to detail and strong opinions towards UX

Nice to Have

  • Node.js experience
  • CSS-in-JS experience
  • Experience with Gatsby.js and GraphQL
  • A curiosity about SRE, DevOps Practices and/or Chaos Engineering

About Gremlin

We’ve lived and breathed incidents, on-call, and Chaos Engineering for a decade. Our founders, Kolton Andrus and Matthew Fornaciari, have served as ‘Call Leaders’ at Amazon and Netflix, where they were responsible for guiding on-calls through triage and resolution of global outages at internet scale. After years of developing and advocating Chaos Engineering internally, they've captured their learnings in the Gremlin product and aspire to democratize the practice.

We're backed by top tier investors, Index Ventures, Amplify Partners, and Redpoint, and have closed major enterprise customers with names you’ll recognize.

Our team is a mix of industry veterans and people eager to learn and bring their knowledge over from other sectors. We value work-life balance, and you're a phenomenal fit if you value:

  • Transparency: Your communication is clear, concise and above all honest, even when the topic is difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Integrity: Do you choose to do the right thing, especially when it’s difficult?
  • Make It So: Are you the type of person that works to be the change you wish to see at a company?
  • Ownership: You use your skill and judgement to make decisions and autonomously act upon them, owning the outcome.
  • Unabated Ambition: Do you aspire to help build a lasting company?

If you're passionate about building and designing tools that help the best companies in the world deliver more reliable service to millions of customers each and every day, we'd love to hear from you.

Location Agnostic. Equal Opportunity.

Gremlin is an equal opportunity workplace committed to a diverse and inclusive culture. Though we boast a remote by default culture, we are headquartered in the Bay Area, with offices in San Jose & San Francisco.

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