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Frontend Developer

Kraken Digital Asset Exchange


  • Passion for improving process and products
  • Ability to thrive while working independently and remotely in a team based environment
  • Ability to context-switch between various projects, codebases and concepts
  • Proficient in Git source version-control
  • Experience configuring and optimizing Webpack builds
  • Experience working with JavaScript and Node.js projects
  • Experience configuring Continuous Integration (CI)
  • A thorough knowledge of Docker and Docker-Compose
  • Well-versed in scripting languages (e.g. Bash), building and administration of Linux
  • Interest in security and a thoughtful and thorough consideration of the security implications of development decisions


  • Reacting to build failures, working with Dev and QA teams to ensure our stable branches (develop and master) are always passing build
  • Automating syncing between services to improve the frontend developer and QA workflows
  • Collaborate with Dev, QA, and Product teams to add jobs to our Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline for automating quality testing, tracking key metrics, and generating reports, thereby increasing the quality of our product we deliver to customers
  • Supporting a fully distributed team operating across numerous timezones


  • Passion for open-source and contributing back to the community
  • Experience working with TypeScript projects
  • Experience working with PHP projects
  • Experience with Nginx
  • Experience implementing linting rules (e.g. ESLint, TSLint, PHP-CS-Fixer, etc)
  • Experience implementing codemods for JavaScript and/or TypeScript
  • Experience with Hashicorp products (e.g. Nomad, Fabio, Consul, Consul-template)
  • Experience configuring infrastructure systems, provisions tool (Chef, Ansible, Puppet)
  • Experience using React to develop interactive UI/UX

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