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Front End Engineer


We’re looking for exceptional developers to join our exceptionally strong engineering team. At Beamery, we build a tool that is successfully disrupting the recruitment sector. Our clients include Facebook, and several other major corporations.

Our tech stack is wide ranging. We use micro-front-ends, multiple small applications written in React, Angular, and core ES6 that sit together on the same page. This means that each new feature we build is greenfield.

We are agile. We write tests, have standups, do sprints and retros. Everything you would expect.

The Edge of Possibility

We use the most modern, interesting tech stack available. Our platform is built around micro-front-ends. Lots of small apps, built in a variety of frameworks, dynamically instantiated onto the page using a global router.

This means that every new project is greenfield, and we are never stuck with legacy choices. We always use the most appropriate framework. Everything you build will be on the edge of what is possible.

The Front End is the most dynamic and rapidly evolving part of the JavaScript landscape. Our architecture allows us to evolve with it, using the most interesting pieces of kit as they become available. Our technology allows us to experiment with the latest, most interesting stuff, without risking the health of the entire application.

Check out this blog post by our Lead Front End Engineer, Nicholas Johnson to learn more about how Beamery is using Micro-Frontends to permanently solve the legacy JavaScript problem.

The right engineer will:

  • Enjoy using a wide variety of tools, and will be happy to pick up and learn new things.
  • Will enjoy our regular teach-in sessions delivered by industry experts.
  • Have strong skills in HTML5, CSS3, and SCSS.
  • Have a good understanding of at least one of React, Angular, AngularJS or another component-oriented framework.
  • Solid JavaScript and ES6 skills. Functional and Object Oriented programming.
  • Understanding of tooling (Webpack, NPM, etc),
  • Understand Flux/Redux data flow, immutability.
  • Have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • Enjoy being apart of a collaborative team that is focused on building a product that will delight customers.
  • Not be biased toward a specific technology: finding the right tools for the job.
  • Node.js experience is a bonus!

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