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Who we are:
We’re on a mission to bring the benefits of therapy to the masses.

For anyone going through a tricky time, the choice is between either a months-long NHS waiting list to see a counsellor or forking out upwards of £60 a session to see a private psychotherapist. Both come with the baggage of an inflexible time commitment and an archaic infrastructure. We’re determined to make a third way possible: available whenever you need it, free at the point of use, and approachable rather than intimidating.

We’re a technology company, yes, but we don’t believe unquestionably that technology is our salvation. If face-to-face counselling could be easily accessed by everyone who needed it, we wouldn’t need to exist. But technology does have a historical knack for putting previously inaccessible resources into the hands of large numbers of people at a fraction of the cost.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone could access the benefits of therapy?

We have raised funding from top tier UK investors including Passion Capital and Seedcamp and work with some amazing companies such as Monzo, Rightmove and TimeOut.

As an engineer at Spill, you’ll be responsible for crafting, building and running the software which our users and counsellors interact with every day. We’re looking for somebody that can deliver solid engineering whilst moving at the same speed as our constantly growing business. You should also be excited about helping shape the direction and culture of our engineering team going forward.

You are someone who enjoys building ambitious user interfaces with React. You value great user experience above all else, but you’re not a stranger to managing complexity with state management libraries and well-thought-out architecture.

As an experienced engineer, you are happy building and testing new React features from scratch. We are a small team but like to pair on problems wherever possible. Everyone has knowledge to share and we believe that one of the best ways to do this is through pairing.

Who you are
You are comfortable with uncertainty, can take initiative, and believe strongly in the value of community and helping others.


You have:
- A high degree of fluency in JavaScript, with knowledge of the good and bad parts.
- Have at least one year of professional work experience in the software industry.
- Experience with Git and code collaboration in teams.
- Demonstrable ability to learn quickly.
- Experience with React or React-like libraries for web or native.
- Experience in web front-end development and build tooling.
- Familiarity with design patterns, data structures, and algorithms.
- Experience in writing tests for your code.

Extra credit:
Experience with React Native development.

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