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Front End Engineer


Who is Alembic?

Alembic is a stealth phase startup that is developing cutting edge technology for marketers. We tear down technical walls and silos so that all marketers can reach their audience. The Alembic team is made up of veterans of multiple Internet booms and we’ve learned quite a bit along the way. Our VC’s Include Village Global which has Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Reid Hoffman as LP's and investors in us.

Why join Alembic?

You’ll be learning from some of the best while adding your strengths to the mix. We share the lessons we’ve learned with each other and believe that teaching and learning is the best way to leverage all of our unique skill sets. As we grow, knowledge sharing is a big part of our culture and will help us navigate the paths that lead to rapid growth.

What would you do?

* Put your stamp on new front end features as we develop the Alembic platform.
* Work with a senior team building a platform the way we think it should be done.
* We are not entitled to success but will earn it by working as a coherent team.

What will success look like?

* Your code is of high quality, easily maintainable, easily readable and relatively bug free.
* You prize having the right answer over being the person with the right answer.
* Together we deliver a platform, grow a company and move on the next round. Repeat as necessary.

This job is for you if you:

*Have React/Redux experience and are comfortable coding components from scratch.
* Have working knowledge of GraphQL
* You understand that quality is more important than quantity in both time and code.
* You don’t mind getting your hands dirty in unfamiliar layers of the stack.

What skills will you need?

Minimum Qualifications:
2-3+ years of programming experience
2-3+ years of experience with: JavaScript (ES6,ES7), CSS, React, Node.js, webpack, pm2, babel.
At least 1 year with two of the following three, GraphQL, React and Redux
Nice To Have:
Familiarity with Sequelize, Postgres, SQL
Experience with social APIs. (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
Comfortable deploying your own code.
AWS experience, Postgres, Kafka, Docker, Jest. Enzyme, Linux BASH.

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