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Posted 4 years ago


Humanise.AI is using Chat & AI to change the world of customer support one industry at a time.

Our first product, Gem, is a digital assistant for hotels, resorts, offices, hostels and cruise ships. Gem's unique 'hybrid intelligence' combines the best of both AI and real humans. For people using Gem, it delivers self-service control into the palm of their hands. For hotel, resort, office, hostel and cruise ship owners, Gem increases revenue and reduces staff load by automating both sales and service enquiries. Our live deployments across many hotels are currently showing 65% of guests in those hotels interacting with Gem.


We’re looking for a junior backend engineer to help us add new features to a growing list and help us scale to millions of monthly conversations. What we’re doing is new and there are a lot of exciting challenges we need to solve on a daily basis. You will:

* Help identify the best approaches to solve novel UX/UI challenges.

* Own large React (written in TypeScript) projects and be in charge of them from creation to maintenance.

* Work directly with the CTO in a growing team of engineers working to deliver the best customer-facing automated chat solution out there.


* React
* Node.js
* TypeScript/JavaScript
* Postgres
* Redis
* Google Cloud
* Kubernetes
* Docker


* You like working in fast-paced environments with people you actually enjoy working with, efficiently collaborating with them whenever necessary.

* You're able to communicate your ideas and opinions in a collaborative manner.

* You work your best when faced with a hard challenge and rise up to them.
You can work on your own, pair program or help solve problems in small teams.

* You strive to reduce complex problems to simple manageable ones. You realise that code is read more often than it is written and have an obsession over making your code clean.

* You understand that, in the end, someone will be using the code you write and always keep that in mind (whether it be another engineer using/reading your code or an actual end-user) when designing and writing code.

* You have skills in some of the key technologies we're using. But please note that we expect you to be able to pick up a new language, framework and/or paradigm within a few days and so your specific skills are less important than your ability/willingness to learn.


* Have experience working in production environments, maybe as a tech founder or as part of an engineering team.

* Have experience with different languages and frameworks and now have a general understanding of what elegant solutions look and feel like.

* Have contributed to the open-source community (maybe you even maintain a project or more).

* You have experience in all of our tech-stack.


Stock options
28 days holiday (plus bank holidays)
Flexible hours
Provision of a company Apple Mac laptop
Free unlimited coffee
And, most importantly, a fun working environment

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