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Front End Developer


RAPP Dallas is looking for a Front-End Developer to join our award-winning Technology team.

We are looking for strong CRM marketers-those who understand the fundamentals of the discipline and, with that, are pushing the boundaries of what CRM means in today’s modern landscape.



Our purpose

We are the agency absolutely, utterly, fiercely focused on the individual. We use our data, technology and creative smarts to make meaningful, connections with every single person a brand knows.

Our family

We are part of the OPMG group, which is in turn a part of Omnicom. This group also includes Critical Mass, Targetbase, Proximity, Credera, and sparks&honey and other well-known agencies. 

Our clients

From opening a checking account to buying a sweet new ride to biting into a Big Mac®, we provide smart solutions for companies like Toyota, McDonald’s, TXU Energy and more.

We are looking for people who want to strategically and functionally lead a business that is based in database marketing principles, anchored in data and insights at the core, and understand the need to create a connected experience through traditional and emerging channels, across all disciplines-data-driven creativity at its finest.




You have 2-3 years of programming experience including email specific development experience (perhaps knowledge of MJML). Additionally, a Bachelor's degree is preferred. You should also have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

You should have experience using digital marketing platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in addition to experience with display advertising platforms like DoubleClick and Sizmek. You also have experience with JS frameworks such as React or Angular and you are comfortable with GIT version control. You also have exposure to Content Management Systems and with QA tools like Litmus or Email on Acid. Lastly, you are capable using ESP scripting languages such as Ampscript, GTL, or Serverside JS.

In your career, you have worked with Email and you will be joining our team that builds digital solutions to support all aspects of external client and in-house marketing initiatives. This will include everything from emails, display, landing pages, complex analytics dashboards and mobile applications.  

What else? Maybe you're a movie afficionado. Or maybe you have an impressively large vinyl collection? We’d love to know what makes you, you.


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