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Software Engineer - Frontend

Panther Labs

As a frontend engineer at Panther Labs, you will create and improve the experience of our enterprise users. This includes the rules editor, user authentication flow, internal tools, mobile web development, and more.


* Building complex web applications with the latest tooling and modern Javascript frameworks (such as React)
* Working with serverless infrastructure to deploy our web stack
* Owning middleware services to process web responses
* Ensuring the product is well-tested and highly secure before shipping to production
* Staying updated with the latest front end trends


* Excellent Javascript development skills
* Strong understanding of HTTP, HTML, CSS and other core web technology concepts
* Experience with modern web tools: Webpack, Babel, npm etc
* Familiar with secure web development practices
* Familiar with service-oriented architecture, micro services and distributed systems


* Web/Visual Design, UI/UX and other relevant experience and expertise
* Experience with AWS serverless technologies: S3, Cloudfront, AppSync, Cognito, and Lambda
* Experience in Graphql and Typescript
* Experience with serverless web deployment using CloudFormation
* Comfortable developing throughout the tech stack (frontend, middleware, backend)

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