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Lead Front End Developer


Lead Front End Developer

In conjunction with our CLI tool, we also need to provide a simple, easy-to-use web interface for managing our customer’s entire workflow from end-to-end. This includes displaying the effectiveness of their experiments, providing tools for optimizing for the best results, allowing interactivity with large datasets, and deploying and scaling models to production that include visualizations for monitoring and alerting. All of these products need to be both well-engineered and reliable, and built with deep empathy for our customers.

Our ideal candidate would have:

  • 5+ years experience building complex, responsive user interfaces in single-page applications
  • Been a technical leader of medium sized teams in a startup or similarly fast-paced work environment
  • Built performant, data-driven visualization systems on top of streaming APIs
  • Experience designing products for other developers through multiple iterations of product and feedback
  • The desire to leave code better than you found it, but also know when shipping a new feature is more important than fixing technical debt

The technologies you'd be working with include:

  • Languages: HTML, JS, Sass, Markdown
  • Libraries: React, Redux, Node, Puppeteer, Jest, Mocha
  • Tools: Babel, Webpack, Sentry


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