Senior Front-End Developer

React jobs at Myki


We are looking for a senior web developer with experience in building single page web applications using HTML5, NodeJS, ReactJS and CSS, who is excited by the challenge of making the most intuitive, responsive interfaces. Engineer hired to this position will participate in projects with a goal to uplift the Myki experience. Responsibilities will include developing dynamic web applications for mobile and desktop browsers as well as pages for web views inside mobile apps.

Key Responsibilities:

- Write excellent code, create a framework for responsive design, take care of client-side scripting, and be familiar with UX flow (NodeJS and Advanced CSS focus)
- Improve existing web and mobile-based application interfaces and design new ones to respond to business needs
- Architect front-end environment with code re-usability, maintainability and performance in mind
- Develop reusable components for common functionality
- Work with back-end developers to define APIs and integrate APIs in front-end
- Migrate existing functionality to ReactJS
- Set coding and testing standards for the front-end suite.
- Optimise application for maximum speed and scalability
- Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
- Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end
- Stay up-to-date on emerging front-end technologies

Minimum Requirements:

-Good understanding of Myki products
-Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) in Information Systems and Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems or Management Information System
-Minimum of three to five (3-5) years development experience in which the largest part of that time has been spent on web applications
-Fluency with NodeJS JavaScript application framework
-Fluency with one or more JavaScript application frameworks (NodeJS, JQuery, Angular, React)
-Experience with responsive CSS template framework
-Excellent attention to detail and demonstrated design and UX sensibilities
-Real passion for solving challenging problems and iterating quickly
-Proficiency using Git and Stash for source code management (or comparable SCM tool)
-Experience with web or mobile analytics, or data visualisations and d3 is a plus
-Must have excellent communication skills and proficiency in English
-Must have problem-solving skills, be a fast learner and be able to work harmoniously with people

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