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Senior Frontend Developer


Codership Oy aims to develop final missing part for its highly successful Galera cluster - a graphical monitoring/management client which main purpose would be to present different aspects of a database cluster operation both in *real-time* and in retrospect (i.e live data streams and historic data on scales from seconds to months), as well as simplify its management.

Your primary responsibilities will be:
• assume the lead role in architecture, design and development of  a clean, consistent, modern web application usable on wide range of platforms from desktop to smartphone.
• collaborate with the backend engineers on the API and functional backend requirements
• Establish testing/CI framework for the product with unit and functional tests.
• Manage your own work schedule to meet development targets

Required skills:
• 3+ years of full-time equivalent professional experience in building web applications
• Excellent front-end skills and knowledge of HTML5, CSS/SASS, and Modern JavaScript (ES6/ES2015+)
• Experience developing with React, Redux and related technologies (Vue.js can be an option)
• Experience with implementing REST and/or GraphQL API clients in frontend apps
• Experience with using Websockets
• Keen attention to details and an eye for good UI design
• Experience writing clean, testable and reusable code
• Ability to write unit tests
• Knowledge of browser limitations
• Git version control
• Good command of English language
• Ability to work with minimal supervision and proactive communication

Desirable skills/experience:
• Typescript
• Full stack development
• Developing monitoring applications
• Producing charts/graphs, plotting of time series
• Working with database servers

When applying, and to place yourself on top of our candidate list, please elaborate shortly on the following topics:
• One-way data flow or two-way data binding? Why?
• The following function should output 0 1 2 3 (each in a separate line), but it doesn't. Why? And how to make it work as desired?
        for (var i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
            setTimeout(() => console.log(i), 0)

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