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Frontend Typescript Developer


We are looking for an exceptional engineer to join our team to work on our front-end, which is an SPA built using Typescript + React + Blueprint.js.

Ideally, you should have over a year's experience using Typescript (or ES6), in addition a modern framework such as React/Angular/Vue.js, and be excited by the prospect of building web apps that present complex ideas to users in a simple and intuitive manner. This is an ambitious project which includes interesting technical challenges, such as working with large multi-million row datasets in the browser using react-virtualized, and parsing avro files in the browser.

This will primarily involve work on the frontend, but -- depending on your experience -- this could also could include some backend Python/Django work including interfacing and developing our REST endpoints to make them compatible with front-end requirements.

You should like the idea of releasing to real customers regularly, and prioritise getting a great product into users’ hands for feedback and iteration. You will be working with a talented team of domain experts, data scientists, and backend engineers, and will have extensive scope to build and architect the front-end yourself, and grow the team in the future.

Please note, the role is onsite only in our Central London office.

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