Junior React Native Developer


Junior React Native Developer at LeSalon

Our mission is for every beauty treatment in the world to be booked using LeSalon, which means building the best apps in the world. We’re searching for a Junior React Native Developer to help us on our mission. You’ll build amazing features for our customers & beauty therapists, and channel your UI and UX intuition into our mobile apps.

We know you’re at the start of your journey, and as a start-up we know what that feels like. We’ve scaled our company to 10,000 customers, 6 figure revenue and more than 100 corporate partners over 2 years with a dev team of just 2 people, and now that we’re ready to scale we want you to work alongside us and grow into a world-class developer.

For the first 6 months of your career with us we’ll get you up to speed on the codebase here at LeSalon, and you’ll work on 5-6 new app features alongside our CTO. Through this time we’ll build your expertise of our apps and architecture, and give you more autonomy so you can solve problems in the way that you feel is the best.

We’re a small team with a big culture of trust, so you’ll have freedom to ship code when you think it’s ready. We use continuous integration and OTA updates on our apps, so you’ll be releasing code that will be on users’ devices within 10 minutes of pushing to master.

With great power comes great responsibility, so together we’ll write tests and review each others’ code so we can be the fastest in the industry while keeping our code high quality and bug free.

What you’ll work on:

We have two apps that each represent one side of our marketplace: one for helping customers place, pay for and manage their bookings, and the other one connecting therapists with available jobs through an Uber-style dispatch system and ways to manage their calendar, working hours and track their earnings.

These apps share a common architecture, so you’ll be able to easily code for both - sometimes even writing screens and components that can be included in both apps at the same time. We’ll help you get started and teach you good practices for using React, Redux, UI animations and our own in-house frameworks and APIs.

If you’re someone who loves collaboration and taking their knowledge to a higher level, we’d love to hear from you.

You should apply if:

  • You want to build a product used by thousands of people every day in London, with millions more in other cities and countries waiting for us to launch there
  • You’re excited about programming in React Native
  • You’ve built at least one React, React Native or iOS/Android project before
  • You love experimenting with design trends and want to bring your unique style to a new app
  • You’re comfortable with trial and error
  • “Aim for the stars, reach the moon” resonates with you

Bonus points for (but not essential):

  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Contributing to open source projects


Our main office is next to Farringdon Station in London.

Here’s how our interview process works:

  1. Please send us your CV and one or two portfolio pieces that you’ve recently made which we’ll review
  2. A quick chat on the phone about you, about us, and how we can work together
  3. A half-day on-site interview where you’ll discuss your portfolio work with us in more detail. We’ll introduce some of our projects to you and talk through them over a tea or coffee and you’ll meet the founding team

Speak to you soon!

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