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Posted 4 years ago

Simudyne empowers organisations to understand every decision they make. Our technology allows modellers and strategists to build the world from the bottom up. A high fidelity virtual environment to run every possible version of the future at scale. We call it amplified intelligence.

We are rapidly expanding our London office to keep up with the demands of developing technology which has never before existed. We like people who are comfortable approaching new problems every day and want to join our mission.

We're not short of challenging problem domains to tackle; providing users with best-in-class tools to represent their mental models, distributing their computations seamlessly across clusters, automating exploration of their models, and displaying the output clearly and intuitively.

As part of our frontend team, your role will be to help develop the UI and UX of a data-intensive, graphical frontend for our simulations. Your responsibility will be not only to maintain and improve the existing codebase but also to help design, prototype and deliver entirely new modules and extensions. You will also work with experts in other disciplines, such as backend systems and distributed execution, or statistical analysis and modelling.

Core Responsibilities

- Write clean testable code that would make your mother proud.
- Improve/refactor existing code as necessary
- Take on development of new features (from user stories to production ready code)

Specific Experience

- Required:
- Competence in ES6 syntax
- Proficiency in Git version control
- Experience using React, Redux and Redux-Saga
- Experience writing integration tests (we use Jest)
- 2+ years of experience developing JavaScript applications
- Preferred:
- Experience building large data-intensive web applications
- Experience developing complex data visualisations

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