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Come help us build one of the most exciting new products in the music industry! Qwire is revolutionizing how studios, editors, composers, artists, publishers, labels, and performance rights organizations collaborate to license music. Managing the entire audio lifecycle of movies, television shows, and live sports broadcasts is no small task. Making sure that accurate licensing information is submitted to every required destination so the right people get paid is an even bigger one. Studios like Warner Bros. are replacing their million-dollar home-grown solutions and spreadsheets with our SaaS offering.

As a Senior Software Engineer at Qwire, you will be a part of a cross functional team developing a full stack JavaScript/TypeScript application. Our technical stack includes a React SPA along with RESTful APIs built on top of Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch. At Qwire, we write our own tests as developers. We use Jest as our testing framework, and maintain unit, API integration, and end-to-end tests with

You should have depth and experience across our stack. We like generalists, especially ones with ‘T’ shaped experience – depth in one or two areas along with broad interest in developing additional expertise. For this position, we’d love some depth in React and front-end technologies. That said, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and contribute across the entire code base. At Qwire, we value a friendly, collaborative, data driven culture that places a premium on learning: slope over intercept.

We don't require you to submit a resume, but please do submit one if you think it will help us understand your background. We place more emphasis on you telling us a bit about yourself, why you're interested in Qwire, and your relevant experience in the "About You" section. Our team generally reads that section first.

Part of our interview process involves reviewing JavaScript code together. We ask every candidate to complete a code review for a mock Pull Request that is representative of the work we do. We've found this is a great way assess potential team members. It shouldn't take you more than a few hours to complete. The objective is to create a level playing field that allows us to discuss actual code and issues we deal with daily.

Every candidate that applies will get a response. We'll reach out to selected candidates to schedule an initial call after reviewing each submission. Our interviewing process is fast and straightforward: no brainteasers, no coding on a whiteboard, and your first conversation will be with the CTO or another engineer, not a recruiter.


  • Your primary responsibility is to write high quality, clear, maintainable JavaScript that improves our product. Qwire is still a small team, and every engineer contributes to the code base.
  • Lead by example with the code you contribute, code reviews, and pair programming.
  • Work with the CTO and the engineering team to improve the application architecture
  • Collaborate with Product and UX to manage and execute our roadmap.
  • While we prioritize development time over meetings, you will also be expected to help break down roadmap issues and UX prototypes into smaller, self-contained technical issues that are properly sized, described, and scoped for discrete pull requests (we use and love Linear for issue tracking)
  • Work with the rest of the engineering team to identify any existing pain-points in the current development processes, help to design and implement improvements.
  • Identify ways to improve our logging, monitoring, and APM; design and implement improvements to overall observability and performance.
  • Be welcoming and approachable. Answer questions about our tooling and processes with kindness and compassion. Help others understand the work we do and how they can improve their craft.

Experience that will be helpful

  • Extensive full-stack engineering experience with JavaScript with a particular emphasis on React, TypeScript, and SPAs
  • A track record of developing and scaling web-based applications and a deep technical understanding of JavaScript.
  • Experience as a lead engineer for projects of increasing complexity, ideally in both a startup environment and in a large, legacy code base
  • Experience with docker-based container development and deployment
  • Experience with web design architecture and stage-appropriate scalability
  • Familiarity with application security best practices, OAUTH, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Some familiarity with database management, monitoring, debugging
  • Experience with functional and class-based JavaScript code. Previous experience with another functional language (Scala, Clojure, Haskell, Elixir, etc.) is preferred, but not required.


We offer a full benefits package including unlimited time off.

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