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Solv is a leading app that helps you get access to convenient, same-day and next-day healthcare. On Solv you can easily find a nearby care provider, schedule a visit and avoid a long wait. The app is powered by a network of doctors and clinics who run Solv’s software to deliver a modern patient experience for both in-person office visits and virtual visits online. This provider software makes running an on-demand healthcare practice easy–and keeps patients happy. More than 27 million visits and 7 million COVID tests have been booked through Solv. Learn more or book your appointment at

About the Engineering Org: There are roughly 25 developers working across four autonomous teams. Each team has a specific organizational focus on a critical aspect of our business. We rely on Github and Github Actions for code management and application deployment. With our Slack deploy tool, aptly named Botler, we can run a deploy whenever a PR is ready to go.

About this team: We are focused on helping families and individuals looking for care find the medical support they need. Healthcare is confusing and costly, we want to, and can, help. The team has six developers, two product managers, two designers, and SEO and marketing folks. It's a great balance of excellent people. We work in a "humanist agile" way: recognizing that breaking up work, sharing ideas and opinions, and checking in regularly is great, but process for the sake of process is not.On the values side of things, we believe in keeping things simple to make our engineering team's work both effective and meaningful. Code and systems that are easily understood can be modified with ease. And as we are always driving to learn what works best, the ability to refactor code is critical to ensuring we're delivering on our goals.

Roughly, our stack is: Remix (React) for the presentation layer, Python FastAPI for our data endpoints, and Postgres for our database. We also use a variety of other technologies (Redis, Elastic search, AWS) when appropriate.

What you'll do

    • Collaborate with product and design on features that improve access and information to local healthcare clinics
    • Be the primary owner of our Component library: Port components in from our app, define patterns, and work with design on new components
    • Work in two week sprints grouped into 6 week cycles.
    • Own the engineering design of your projects
    • Contribute improvements to the developer experience during Dev Weeks
    • Be an excellent teammate

You'll be great for this role if:

    • Building a service that can improve how people access and manage their day-to-day healthcare interests you
    • You have a strong understanding of modern React's core concepts and browser technologies (CSS, HTML, and friends), and have experience measuring application performance. This roughly translates to 3+ years of experience
    • You have experience working with a React component library. Thinking about the composition, reusability, scalability, testability, and accessibility of components should be something that you've done. Ideally, you've had more than one year of experience in this area.
    • Communicating and collaborating with technical and non-technical folks is something that you enjoy. Both the product work and the engineering work will involve working with a variety of people and roles.

At Solv we celebrate difference. We are committed to ensuring an environment of mutual respect for every employee and proud to be an equal employment opportunity employer who does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, creed, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, military or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace is central to our success and actively seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse pool of candidates.

While we appreciate candidate submissions, we do not accept submissions from contingency or retained search firms without a pre-existing agreement.
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