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Front-end Developer


We're looking for an experienced front-end developer with 3-5 years experience to join our team and help us develop the Glitch community experience from conception to completion. You will be tasked with building the user interface of features on the community site (which is a Glitch app itself!) as well as collaborating with other teams here on apps that meet the needs of our community beyond those features.

You'll be joining a team of creators who all bring varied experiences and skills to their work as designers and developers. If you've created an amazing, cool, interesting, or weird web app, and are excited about building the network for others to do the same, then you're in the right place!

We're looking for people with these technical skills:

    • Strong skills in client-side JavaScript
    • An ability to stay up-to-date on modern additions to the language (like ES7 features)
    • Understanding of and experience in using APIs, both internal and 3rd party
    • Experience in building a11y-compliant interfaces right from the start
    • Proficiency in component-based development (Glitch uses React!)
    • CSS savvy, meaning that you know when to use border vs. padding vs. margin, flexbox vs. tables vs. floats, and responsive, fluid design

We'd be particularly delighted to hire someone who:

    • Has experience working on a large application written in React in the past year, for work and/or open source – ie. you can work with the latest tools in the React ecosystem.
    • Has some user interface (UI) and/or user experience (UX) skills – enough to collaborate well with the designers on our team to meet our design & engineering goals.
    • Uses Glitch :) and can bring with them ideas on how we can build our product for the friendliest community of coders!
This position is based at our beautiful new office in Lower Manhattan. While our office is in New York City, about half of our employees are all over the US and the world. Working in HQ, you'll be in a brand new office, carefully and thoughtfully designed to give each person both private and collaborative work spaces. You'll be part of a remote work culture where all of our meetings are online and apps and tools like Slack and Google Hangouts are the normal way to communicate. Remote workers never end up struggling to hear a meeting where everybody in the office forgot that someone was on the other end of a speakerphone.
We offer fair, competitive, and transparent pay. The range for this position is $110K to $130K and we look at factors like your experience to determine our offer, which comes with a comprehensive benefits package. We don't negotiate because we make our best possible offer up front—no games.

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