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Four years ago, a technology company was born with the ambitious mission to connect the world without boundaries. We envisioned a future where the limitless, untapped supply of humanity’s wisdom and experiences could be freely accessible and rewarded. SENSE evolved from Sensay, a chatbot network conceived in 2015 that connected millions of awesome humans outside their social graph, across major social messengers like Facebook, Slack, Kik and Telegram.

The opportunity to build valuable messaging tools for the global economy presented itself as the blockchain revolution exploded in the fall of 2017. SENSE continued innovating with CryptoDM, a paid inbox for anyone with a social media following to earn cryptocurrency for their attention. The progression from Sensay to CryptoDM led to Sense.Chat, the first of its kind: A truly private, crypto-enabled video messenger. SENSE will continue building tools for connecting humans worldwide and exchanging value in real time, leveraging the power of the blockchain.

Your Mission:
Build and Maintain Sense Chat for iOS and Android

Background & Skills:
At least one major project in React Native
Dev experience at least 4 years professional
Hacker DNA - because the really awesome stuff is built outside sprints
Open source - you’re kind of a big deal on Github
Test-driven and analytics driven development approach

What we look for in team members:
Helps first & raises everyone's game
Gives a damn (many damns)
Wicked smarts tempered by humility
Leadership tempered by kindness
Believes in magic, disbelieves “impossible”
Recent startup experience from somewhere we've heard of

Things we believe:
Win by helping others win
Humans are awesome (H.I. comes before A.I.)
Holacracy over hierarchy
Office dogs, fun and tacos

Location : Santa Monica, CA (on the Third Street Promenade)

Salary and equity commensurate with experience level.
Benefits include stock options, medical / dental / vision insurance, open PTO policy, massage Mondays and Taco Tuesdays.

Talent and culture are everything to us so we want to attract and retain those who are the best fit!

Did you read all that? Wow! Here are a couple of easter eggs...

Stories about Awesome Humans in the Sensay community:

That time we tried to recruit the President:

Please help us get to know you by sending us a note with the answers to the following 9 questions!
1. How long have you been a mobile developer?
2. What projects have you contributed to in React Native?
3. How would you explain Blockchain to a 5 year old?
4. How would you explain cryptocurrency to a 5 year old?
5. Any favorite crypto projects?
6. What is the link to your Github repo?
7. What’s something that really annoyed you about a previous working environment?
8. What’s something you really appreciated about a previous working environment?
9. Do you prefer working alone or with a team?

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