React Native Expert, Founding Engineer

React jobs at ScrollBites


If you have a team-oriented mindset where making an impact in this world and building something to be proud of then you've definitely arrived at the right place! Here at ScrollBites, we're not just building an app; we're making a revolution in the food industry.

As the the trusted advisor and go-to expert for all the frontend aspects, in this role, you will be responsible for the user app and the admin panel. The app is built using React Native and the admin panel using Next.JS.

Requirements (not comprehensive):

  • Strong experience in React Native with proven projects that are in production
  • Clean code writing practices are highly desirable
  • Ability to code in javascript and typescript
  • Strong understanding of libraries, forking libraries, and best ways to achieve a desired outcome
  • Previous experience developing analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel
  • Ability to create deep links using tools like or Appian
  • A reasonable design taste: knowing what animations to use, how to handle API data, and components
  • Experience in codemagic would be nice


  • Use the latest technologies and the freedom to build the frontend in innovative ways
  • No set work schedule: work the hours that you prefer
  • Quick pace and authentic environment
  • No bureaucracy or corporate red tape
  • The privilege of joining a startup environment pretty early

Compensation will be based on cash and stock Candidates interested in Part-time will be considered and are welcome to apply

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