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Front End Engineer


We are looking for a frontend engineer that will help us to bring our educational web technology Classtime to the next level. You'll be working with a distributed team (US, Switzerland, and Ukraine). We're looking for somebody to start immediately.

Our Product
Classtime, Pollock Technologies Inc.'s flagship product, enables an teachers to create questions on an internet-connected device (mobile phone, tablet, PC/notebook), push it to all student devices and track the performance of a class immediately in a class session. The teacher receives valuable information about the individual student's performance and can intervene as deemed appropriate, thereby improving the overall learning progress of the class. By answering the questions, all students are fully engaged, which can also be analyzed after class and even over time to measure a single student's or the entire classes development.

Using Classtime in classrooms:

- Implement the features and user interfaces of Classtime to make it live;
- Architect efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications;
- Collaborate with Product Designers and Software Engineers to deliver compelling user-facing products;
- Manage your own time, and work well both independently and as part of a team;
- Launch, iterate and make a difference. Provide front-end coding expertise, and be ready to make Classtime better for our users;
- Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues.

- Experience with React, Redux.
- 2+ years of JavaScript experience and strong knowledge of ES6;
- 2+ years of HTML/CSS experience, including concepts like layout, specificity, cross browser compatibility, mobile-first support;
- 2+ years experience with browser APIs and optimizing front end performance;

Nice to have
- Experience building and shipping mobile or web applications.
- Familiarity with the whole web stack, including protocols and web server optimization techniques, websockets;
- Strong sense of web design and fundamentals of user experience;
- Experience with server-side programming;

Classtime's Stack
- React, Redux, Redux Saga;
- HTML, CSS, Sass, postcss;
- Webpack;
- Python, Django templates, REST APIs;
- Third-parties: Auth0, Pusher, Algolia, Cloudinary.

Compensation & Location
We have several teammates working out of Ukraine, primarily Kyiv and Rivne. Compensation includes an optional office space, a salary and prospectively equity participation.

Classtime Values
Curiosity - Always continue to experiment and learn.
We have to focus on our client, the teacher. We question critically, we listen carefully and experiment creatively with new ideas. If you love to understand the unknown, then continue, because you now know 25% of our values.

Impact - Always focus on generating value for society.
Our team is small and should stay small. We don't pride ourselves with large employee numbers, but rather with exceptional impact per team member. We expect exceptional ownership and responsibility, not only for your tasks, but for our impact on society. Don't go improve the next ad platform, help us in our attempt to shape the future of education. If you can throw a punch with impact, then use both fists, not only 50%.

Perseverance - Always keep pushing yourself.
We are a distributed team, working across several time zones. Just like us, you can live in Los Angeles, Rivne, Kyiv, Zurich, or anywhere you want. Our home has many names: Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Github, InVision, Slack, etc. We don't excel through pressure, but through alignment and discipline. We don't expect you to run with us forever, but don't expect a sprint or a half-marathon either. Just keep in mind: pain is inevitable, suffering is not. Persevere. You're now at 75%.

Honor - Act with integrity, always help friend or rival.
Education is not a battle against each other, but for each other. Technology is already having a great impact on education. Why do we care? Because we believe that creative, curious people will honor future generations and learn to solve the world's biggest challenges for the long-term. This is what Classtime is all about – and we will relentlessly strive for our goals and keep pushing the frontiers of education. With our friends and “coopetitors”. This is 100% Classtime.

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