Full Stack Developer


Role: Full-stack dev for a Web based B2B SaaS company

Company: (Mine!) Phin

Phishing sucks! We think the only way to solve phishing is us tricking people into falling for phishes before the bad guys do.

The State of Things: We’ve raised money and have a team of 5 (all developers by background but some of us moonlight as the CEO/CTO etc.). We are looking to grow to a team of 8-10 by the middle of 2022.

You are the person if:

  • You think Phishing is one of the biggest existential threats to our society and want to help us eradicate it.
  • You have strong Javascript experience including using it where you probably shouldn’t have
  • Prefer taking the lead on features
  • Like working with a small team
  • You have some full stack experience. Largely due to small team size dictating a “many hats” mentality on a previous team.
  • You think React is the one true web framework (eh, at least good enough to build a product on)
  • You like GCP better than AWS

Prefer to have:

  • Javascript experience (Node.js, Express, React)
  • Web development experience (HTML, CSS)
  • Understand how a web server and APIs work
  • Cloud experience (serverless, deploying containers, docker, and managed noSQL)
  • Basic CI/CD concepts (#1: don’t force push to master)
  • Git skills

Must have:

  • Programming skills
  • Have worked on a project with a team
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