Mobile Software Engineer

React Native


About Mysterious

What if you had the chance to build software that redefines how we interact with web3 forever? That’s what we’re doing at Mysterious - creating the new “home” for web3 communities through our modular chat platform. We’re a seed-stage startup backed by some of the best investors in the valley & web3, including , , , , and .

Job description

We are looking for a passionate full-stack engineer who loves to ship code and is not afraid to learn and apply new languages. Ideally, you are a self-starter, build things for fun, and are not afraid to iterate fast.


  • Founder-type React Native engineer who constantly ships.
  • Can quickly learn how to work with services and tools even without previous experience
  • Excellent written communication (design docs, specs, documentation, code reviews, post-mortems)
  • Knowledge of and passion for crypto applications (no experience with writing smart contracts is required)


On-site or Remote (Global)

At TalentWeb3 we are in touch with the blockchain space. If you want to be seen by 100s of blockchains companies worldwide. Please upload your resume here : Linkedin link :

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