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Posted 4 years ago

We're looking for a human front end developer with at least 3 years of commercial development experience.  We’re looking for someone who can communicate highly technical ideas to both technical and non-technical colleagues, allowing you to work with us on a range of projects across mobile, tablet and desktop. In addition to this, we're looking for someone who’s happy learning new things and constantly pushing technical boundaries to produce the best possible product. 

Proven abilities in:

  • HTML5,
  • CSS3 and SASS (or another preprocessor),
  • CSS methodologies such as BEM or OOCSS,
  • Translating designs to pixel perfect web pages,
  • Animation in both JS and CSS,
  • Advanced JavaScript development (OO JS/Functional JS),
  • Frameworks and libraries that aren't jQuery such as React/Redux,
  • Material-UI
  • ES6/7/Next and Babel,
  • Webpack and build tools like gulp and grunt,
  • Testing tools such as Mocha/Karma/Enzyme/Chai/Jasmine,
  • Git,
  • SPA Development with API consumption
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