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Posted 7 months ago

Client information

IT company that delivers high-fidelity software, design, and product solutions for clients across a wide spectrum of industries and needs.

Recent projects include applications that: power the #1 snow sports app, enable early diagnosis of debilitating medical conditions with unprecedented accuracy, safely transport special needs schoolchildren, keep skiers safe from avalanches, perform sophisticated geo-spatial and demographic data analysis to make important decisions about capital projects, and change the face of the sharing economy.


  • Build features in React, Vue and/or Svelte applications for our clients
  • Refactor and rebuild existing features for our clients
  • Integrate user interface components with our GraphQL API
  • Modify multiple build processes, suggest improvements, make improvements directly
  • Review code from coworkers, provide useful critical feedback on pull requests
  • Build new user interfaces for deployment in existing backend applications

You will love this job if:

  • You love building web applications from designs with pixel-perfect accuracy
  • You enjoy working alongside other dedicated top-tier engineers who love their work
  • You enjoy working in modern Javascript ecosystem tooling (Svelte, React, Vue, Vite, Storybook, Vitest, Playwright)


  • 5+ years professional JavaScript/frontend experience
  • Expertise with JavaScript and at least two of the following: React, Vue, Svelte
  • Expertise with Git & GitHub in a collaborative team environment
  • Professional object-oriented CSS & animation experience
  • Excellent communication skill in describing complex technical concepts clearly and succinctly
  • Knowledge of automated unit & integration testing approaches

You will love this job if:

  • Experience with server side templates (Twig, Jinja, etc)
  • Open source project experience
  • Server side rendered front-end application experience (NextJS, Nuxt)
  • Static site generator experience (Gatsby, Gridsome, Hugo)
  • Back-end web development experience
  • Design experience


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