Frontend Engineer


Jetstack is the creator of a highly popular open-source project called cert-manager. Cert-manager is downloaded more than 2 million times a day. It is widely used to provision certificates to Kubernetes clusters, and in production with companies like Walmart, the Home Office and Autotrader.

Recently, Jetstack launched Jetstack Secure, a product built on top of cert-manager that enables enterprises to view and manage their machine identities across Cloud Native Kubernetes and OpenShift environments and build a detailed view of their security posture.

We’re looking for a Frontend Engineer who wants to be part of our team and make a difference to our customers in their journey to adopting Kubernetes and cloud native technologies. With experience of front end development, you will help us design and build features for Jetstack Secure. You will work in a small cross functional team, alongside backend engineers, SREs, Product Owners and others to bring products to market. 

Required technical experience

  • Good working knowledge of React, Redux and Typescript
  • Experience with unit testing frontend code
  • UI design skills such that you can build UIs that fit in to an existing system without needing detailed designs for all changes
  • Experience working with REST APIs


Other desirable technical experience


  • Use of container based deployment solutions (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Automated testing and working with CI/CD
  • Knowledge of the cloud-native world technologies and terms: e.g. what Kubernetes is
  • Knowledge of basic TLS and certificates concepts: e.g. what a TLS certificate is
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Go and Python
  • Building server side applications or services (REST/GraphQL, API design)


Other desirable experience


  • Working on product development, particularly for enterprise customers
  • Experience in working in an agile process/environment
  • Experience contributing to open source projects
  • A ‘can-do’ attitude and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong ability to focus and work independently, as well as collaboratively in a team
  • A sense of ownership and customer responsibility
  • Ability to adapt to circumstance and respond with urgency and pragmatism
  • Ability and desire to continually learn and remain up-to-date with ecosystem developments
  • Excellent communication skills and able to successfully articulate technology concepts to both business and technology audiences.
  • Experience working on distributed teams


  • Implementation of the frontend side of new features, working with others as required
  • Input into the UI design and implementation of new product features
  • Receiving customer feedback and making appropriate adjustments
  • Maintenance of the frontend codebase: fixing bugs, updating dependencies and adjusting to API changes
  • Suggesting changes to the architecture and technologies used in the frontend, as well as suggestions for improvements elsewhere in the system
  • Participating in planning with the rest of the team


What to expect next

If this sounds interesting to you we would encourage you to apply, even if you don’t meet all of the criteria listed here. We are looking for great candidates that will bring something special to our team even if you still have something to learn (because everyone still has something to learn).

Our in-house recruiter will be in touch to discuss some basic things and answer your first questions. Then you will speak to the hiring manager to be able to find out more about the role and discuss whether it is a good fit for you. If you move onto the interview stage then there are two technical interviews and one non-technical interview. We aim for the interview process to be not too time-consuming, and we want it to be interesting to you. It’s also a chance for you to meet the team that you will be working with and ask them questions.


As well as working with a great team on an exciting project we also offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Conference leave entitlement
  • Flexible working
  • A laptop of your choice
  • 28 days of holiday (not including UK public holidays)
  • A generous pension scheme
  • £1,000 Annual learning budget
  • Private Medical and Dental 

Jetstack is a Venafi Company…

About Venafi

Venafi is the undisputed heavyweight champion in Machine Identity Management. Why? Because we created the category and are light years ahead of anyone that would consider competing! Gartner has recognized Venafi as number one in our space and as it turns out, one is NOT the loneliest number!

Venafi is the inventor of the technology that secures and protects keys and certificates. Venafi protects machine identity types by orchestrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, IoT, mobile and SSH. Many of the largest organizations in the world use Venafi.

Billions of dollars have been spent protecting usernames and passwords and almost nothing protecting keys and certificates—organizations are just now realizing that protecting keys and certificates is as important as protecting usernames and passwords.

The bad guys know this and are using stolen or forged keys and certificates to attack networks and steal data. In fact, Gartner says 50% of network attacks will use certificates.




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