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Full-stack JavaScript Developer

Aula Education

At Aula, we are looking for a Full-stack Engineer, someone who would be comfortable working on frontend features and making backend architecture decisions. You would become a part of Aula’s core engineering team, working on full-stack, end-to-end features that will make a difference for students and educators around the world. Our product features a consumer tech frontend, with a complex infrastructure backend.

Tech Stack: React, React-Native, Redux, microservices in Node.js and Express, Docker, many AWS services, Mongo.

Aula is a remote-first, 25-person startup (from 11 nationalities!) building digital campuses for universities - think 'Slack for education'. We are a fully-funded startup, having recently raised $4.2m.

The engineering world is going remote - but the most interesting engineering challenges and the professional development support often stay in HQ. At Aula, we're remote-first and deeply focused on developing our people.

Please, before applying read the full job posting here:

What we are looking for:

  • You have a maker mindset, you like tinkering with technology and finding ways of making the most out of it.
  • You value good coding practices and your coding style is consistent. Whatever the testing framework you use, and whether you use 2 or 4 spaces or prefer promises to async, your code is always high quality, consistent and maintainable.
  • You have experience with React or some other modern Javascript framework/library like Vue or Angular. You have built projects with this technologies, and you are comfortable with modern javascript development practices
  • You have developed applications with Node.js, and know how to quickly get a new backend application up and running. Whether you use plain Node, Express, Hapi or any other framework, you are comfortable developing backend applications.
  • You have experience creating and iterating on products from end-to-end. We think there are certain things that freelance and agency work doesn’t teach you such working end-to-end (full feature) on an entire system.
  • You can work with us during UK working hours (9am to 5pm), we need at least a 4-hour overlap between our timezones. You will be able to manage your own working hours, but for meetings and other scheduled events we will require some contact hours.
  • You have at least 5 years of demonstrable experience, not including university, preferably in a professional environment. If your experience comes from other sources (e.g. collaborating on open source projects), we have to be able to confirm your contributions.

We put a lot of effort into finding and developing the right team members and we prefer to spend our time on candidates that take the time to understand if they fit into the role. Please add the words ‘I breathe semicolons’ on any of your answers below to show that you took your time to read all of this ?

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