Frontend Developer


Full TimeReact₤50K - ₤60K ₤50000 - ₤60000 per year
Posted 1 year ago
# Frontend Developer

* £60K + equity
* Remote-first
* Startup culture
* Stack: Typescript, React, ViteJS, TailwindCSS

## Us

We're a funded startup in the FinTech space building a platform allowing individuals
to invest in alternative investment products, such as distressed credit, private islands,
forests/timberland, wind/solar farms etc. Essentially anything that's too expensive for
your average person to afford.

You will join the two founders and work closely with us as we progress towards a beta launch
in the 'near future', with a full launch to follow in early 2023. Our culture is friendly and

Some of the features you will work on include:
* Designing user flows for sign-up, KYC checks and withdrawals
* Implementing screens for accounting and portfolio management
* Figuring out the underlying state and caching strategy
* Building a library of reusable styled components (our design language)

In other words - all the kinds of things necessary for a modern webapp.

Our development philosophy is one of strict typing, high performance, rigorous testing
and minimal bureaucracy - but we are not dogmatic about languages and libraries.
We build incrementally and lock-in the gains. And we don't expect to be pinged with
production errors in the middle of the night - that's not a code error, that's a process error.

We are remote-first, with occasional trips to our London office. As we grow we will transition
to hybrid working (1-2 office days/week).

## You

Our ideal candidate is a frontend specialist with 3+ years experience.

You have worked on a production website modelled as a Single Page App communicating via a

You have come to love (or at least tolerate) playing type-tetris with Typescript,
because you value the robustness that it brings to a codebase.

You have used React in production (it has its warts, but it does the job) and you are
familiar with the latest frontend tooling (TailwindCSS, ViteJS) and how it can make your
life better.

You are no slouch with CSS and appreciate clean, tasteful, responsive design.

You are not put off by DevOps jargon, and perhaps you are experienced with Terraform and AWS.
Either way, you understand the need for good CI and CD in order to move-fast-and-not-break-things.

As our first hire, you are comfortable working in a startup environment - this means 'mucking in'
when necessary and making decisions independent of oversight.
You will have a chance to shape how the product looks and feels from an early stage.

Though this role is initially frontend-focused, there will also be the opportunity to get
involved with our DevOps and backend development if you so wish (Rust + Postgres + AWS).
In the future there may also be the opportunity to build a team (or many teams!) and to take
a strategic position within the business.

## Process

* ~2 hour coding test
* 90 minute technical interview
* 1 hour follow-up interview
* That's it!
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