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Director of Engineering


Location: Los Angeles (partial remote will be considered)
Reporting to: Chief Operating Officer

Ever meet someone who works at Jumpcut? You should -- our people are amazing. Here’s the good news: our 2019 growth plans are already aggressively underway, and we are searching for a Director of Engineering to join our core team.

You will be responsible for:

1. Scaling and Managing the Department. This includes, but is not limited to, personnel and processes. Currently our engineering team consists of 7, and we are looking to add another 8 engineers in 2019, with more room to grow after that. Processes are still being developed, and there are some existing bottlenecks in development that need attention, especially if we want to hit our 2019 growth plans. In this role, you will be key in making sure we are building and iterating on comprehensive and elegant processes.

2. Product Vision. You’ll work with our C-level team and Product Manager to help define and build the future of our platform. We’re still in the nascent stages of our online education platform, and there is a lot of innovation left to uncover for our course watching and community experience.

3. Managing Engineering Workflows, Projects, and Tasks. You will be working closely with our Product Manager on the product roadmap to build it out and translate it into actionable items for your team. To support that, you will be responsible for defining and creating metrics and benchmarks to evaluate projects and performance. As the team grows, you will hand some of these duties to our senior engineers.

4. Documentation, Education, and Communication. Given that a large portion of the team will be remote, organization and documentation are extremely important. All questions and frustrations in the engineering organization needs to be solved, documented, and communicated effectively so that our engineers have the resources to efficiently problem solve.

5. Team happiness and growth. Not only will you be responsible for the output of the engineering team, but you'll also be evaluated on the happiness and growth of every developer on our team. You will set up a system of one on ones, peer reviews, mentor-ship, and professional development checkpoints to make sure everyone is meeting their full potential. You will create a work environment where individuals have the ability to earn promotions and continue growing their professional skills.

Who you are working with:

As the first official Engineering Manager, you'll be reporting directly to our COO, Peter. However, since he's not technical, you'll be entrusted with setting the technical direction for our entire team of 10 engineers with relative freedom in doing so.
Catherine is our Product Manager. The two of you will be peers: she's responsible for our product roadmap, so you'll be working with her very closely to give her feedback, as well as reach out to clarify and solidify any requirements we're looking for. She's great; you'll really enjoy working with her.
In addition to managing and growing the current team, you'll also be working closely with Bo, our Lead Engineer. He's taking on a bulk of the process improvement work at the moment, and he'll be able to contribute and provide guidance and context for you.

Tech Stack

    • Node.js
    • React / Redux
    • PostgreSQL
    • HTML / CSS / Javascript
    • AWS

For this role, you must have:

    • A proven track record of managing and growing engineering teams
    • Practice building and implementing best practices, metrics, and evaluation tools
    • Technical proficiency and an ability to occasionally jump into the weeds
    • Excellent communication; must be able to discuss and deliver complex technical matters on an executive level

Additionally, you may be a good fit if at least some of the following are true:

    • Web development is in your blood (a typical candidate has 5 years of full-stack, in-depth Javascript experience)
    • You are extremely experienced in a current back-end or front-end technology
    • You have extensive experience with relational data, and non-relational is a huge plus
    • You have strong opinions on code quality and architectural / design choices
    • You are obsessed with solutioning and building flawless product
    • You have worked with geographically distributed teams
    • You are persuasive and clear both in writing and in speech
    • You have several years of engineering management experience
Benefits, Perks, and Compensation:

We’ve got some pretty sweet digs; catered meals, unlimited PTO, and a full suite of benefits never hurt either. Check out for more information and to meet the team!

Compensation is competitive, and dependent on experience.

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