Frontend React Engineer



Tired of the same old work day-to-day? Do you feel like you're not learning anymore and need something more challenging to expand your knowledge?

We are an experienced team in eCommerce, analytics, optimization, and user experience. We set high standards for ourselves in order to achieve excellence in our own company metrics that encompass our clients' success.

We believe in constant learning, trial & error, and pushing the envelope when it comes to analyzing data and optimization based on the data.

We build innovative analytics tools that automate data collection, attribution, and analysis for eCommerce businesses.

This position will help lead builds of several of our internal products working closely with our existing engineering team. Our mono repo contains various workspaces that play different roles in our product. All of our frontend workspaces utilize React so we'd like to hire someone that enjoys working with this technology.


  • Proficient in Git, Github, and git-flow
  • Basic understanding of CLI
  • Basic understanding of SEO and accessibility
  • Intermediate understanding of developer tools with the ability to step through code
  • Basic understanding of the difference between the following types of applications and the pros/cons between them:
    • Server Side Rendered
    • Single Page
    • Statically Generated


  • Understanding of cross-browser CSS using various layout systems.
  • Familiarity with CSS-in-JS techniques, for example, styled-components, emotion, CSS modules, etc.


  • Advanced understanding of Javascript including module patterns, data structures, and algorithms, ajax/fetch API, and DOM manipulation
  • Intermediate understanding of pros and cons in regards to object-oriented and functional paradigms
  • Intermediate understanding of component-driven architecture utilizing one of the following: React, Preact, Angular, Vue, Svelte, or Ember.
  • Intermediate understanding of testing including unit and regression testing
  • Intermediate understanding of modern web tooling like webpack, Babel, ESLint, Prettier.
  • Basic understanding of TypeScript
  • Basic understanding of GraphQL and GraphiQL


  • Intermediate understanding of Nodejs
  • Basic understanding of Server Side Rendering with on of the following Node, PHP, Python, Golang, etc. Or experience with Gatsby, Next.js, Nuxt, etc.


  • Willingness to continuously learn and improve skills
  • Reviews your favorite libraries' release notes
  • Likes innovating with new tools and technologies
  • Builds with the future in mind in terms of quality and reusability

Our workflow is based on time-fixed releases that grow and shrink based on the requests in the roadmap. Our roadmap is determined by our team as a whole. We allow our team to have focused time to develop in the release and keep context switching to a minimum.


What we offer

  • Competitive salary & bonus
  • $2,500 onboarding stipend for home office plus $1K per year home office annually
  • 100% health, vision, dental coverage
  • Unlimited vacation policy and flexible working hours - good work-life balance goes a long way.
  • A hard-working and dedicated team that is fun to work with.
  • Annual retreat (even if remote)
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