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About Us

At oVice, we are building a virtual real estate platform, helping to bridge the gap between the real and digital world. We redefine online communication to be as immersive and natural as possible. Our virtual spaces are designed to match real physical places to provide a more natural way of online communication, helping people connect, build, and deepen relationships.

oVice has been expanding and growing month over month since our launch in August 2020. Although based in Japan, our team is global and we work fully remote. We’re looking for talented people who are keen on using new technology to elevate how people interact online.

About the Role

As a Mobile Engineer, you will be working on the user interface of how people will be interacting on oVice via a smartphone. This will include working on providing an intuitive user experience, collaborating with designers to figure out what kind of interactions makes sense, and bringing their design to life.

Mobile is being built on React-Native for

  1. Making it easier to do cross-platform releases between iOS and Android
  2. oVice requires web-view to work on Mobile anyways so web technologies actually make more sense versus the native platform technologies

Mobile will likely always have fewer features compared to the web version due to the screen size and device hardware limitations.

Understanding what features should be included in Mobile vs what shouldn't is also a big part of the job. Certain things simply just doesn't make sense to be included in the mobile UI.

What you'll do

  • Collaborate with designers, product managers, and engineers to scope out features
  • Write well designed and maintainable code including tests, leaving code better before we found it
  • Help enforce best practices
  • Continue to look for ways to improve the user experience for our users

What you'll need

  • Experience working with Typescript and React
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience building on mobile platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Motivation for constant user experience improvements
  • Ability to sort through the clutter and prioritize in an ambiguous environment
  • Good understanding of mobile best practices and know-how to enforce them
  • Good understanding of data presentation

Bonus points

  • Backend development experience
  • Experience working with WebRTC technology
  • Basic understanding of distributed systems
  • Experience working with Elixir
  • Experience with End to End testing


We are a fully remote team, distributed among multiple countries. Our members mainly resides in the following time zones,

  • UTC-8 ~ UTC-5 (United States)
  • UTC ~ UTC+2 (Europe, North Africa)
  • UTC+8 ~ UTC+10 (Asia Pacific)

We are looking to hear from you!

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