Staff Frontend Engineer


Staff Frontend Engineer, Payments @ BEAT



The Staff Engineer will focus on heading up and organising Front End projects end-to-end and be hands-on with Front-End needs for Beat’s Payments & Fraud Platform Tribe. You will develop web based products that power our Payments & “Fraud, Identity and Safety” Platform. 

Joining Beat’s Frontend Chapter means you will be challenged with multiple projects across different business domains. Your focus will be to deliver tools and dashboards that empower the whole company to operate efficiently via a data driven approach.

You will have the opportunity not only to work with our existing codebase but also to explore the latest tools & frameworks required in new projects. Here, you will engage in the design and decision making process for frontend projects. This will involve partnering with colleagues in cross-functional teams and your chapter of frontend engineers. You will be a key contributor to our shared libraries as well as on improving our design system. 

Your main goal will be to support operational excellence. We set the bar high on all of our projects and aim for a great user experience, polished UIs with code that reflects quality and is fun to work with. As a result, you should feel & act as an owner of our teams' work, test and assure that our projects always meet requirements and end users expectations. 

You are a person that wants to contribute to the frontend chapter with best practices, ideas and initiatives to automate things. You are potentially also intrigued by the idea of mentoring others and enjoy utilising your expertise by helping your teammates to upskill.


Our Payments & Fraud Tribe:

The Payments & Fraud Platform Tribe services as a foundational platform for our technology teams building customer-facing products and services:

  1. Fraud, Identity & Safety: Our teams work tirelessly to enable and accelerate Beat’s business and sustainable growth, battling fraudsters and criminals, ensuring safety and peace-of-mind for our end passengers and drivers.
  2. Platform Services: Right after the introduction of the Platform Services team we started our journey towards the Global BEAT API Platform, along the way, revamping our platform authentication and authorisation model and evolving our cross-cutting backend services and middleware.
  3. Payments: We are bringing our Payments platform to  the next level in terms of security, seamless user and interaction experience and overall operational excellence.


About us:

Beat is one of the most exciting companies to ever come out of the ride-hailing space. One city at a time, all across the globe we make transportation affordable, convenient, and safe for everyone. We also help hundreds of thousands of people earn extra income as drivers. 

Today, we are the fastest-growing ride-hailing service in Latin America. But serving millions of rides every day pales in comparison to what lies ahead. Our plans for expansion are limitless. Our stellar engineering team operates across a number of European capitals where, right now, some of the world’s most ambitious and talented engineers are changing how cities will move in the future.

Beat is currently available in Greece, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. 


Our stack:

  • Vanilla JavaScript (ES10)/TypeScript
  • React + Context API / Redux
  • Webpack
  • SASS / Styled Components
  • React Testing Library / Cypress 
  • Docker / Kubernetes


About You:


You are a software engineer at heart and you’ve chosen JavaScript as your language of specialisation. You feel comfortable with the browser as a run-time. You understand the benefits and drawbacks of different frameworks at the conceptual level as well as the implications on implementation. What happens on the backend is not magic to you; it’s just a different specialisation and you are comfortable acting as part of the cross-functional team. You are a T-shaped professional, enjoying collaboration with other teammates for optimum results. 


These likely describe you:

  • Excellence in JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • HTML / CSS savvy.
  • Working proficiency with one of the popular frontend frameworks, e.g.: Angular, React, Ember, Vue.js.
  • Experience with frontend builds (e.g.: using grunt / gulp / bower / npm / webpack).
  • Appreciation of practical Test Driven Development.
  • Experience using Git and version control workflows.
  • Experience with REST APIs.
  • Passion for building clean and streamlined user interfaces, as well as appreciation of great UX in whatever you ship.


Benefits & Perks:

  • Competitive full-time salary.
  • Flexible working hours, top-line tools, Spanish Lessons.
  • Working in a hyper-growth environment, you will enjoy numerous learning and career development opportunities. 
  • A great opportunity to grow and work with the most amazing people in the industry.
  • Being part of an environment that offers challenging goals, autonomy and mentoring, which creates incredible opportunities, both for you and the company.

As part of our dedication to the diversity of our workforce, Beat is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion

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