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Profile :

We are looking for a Javascript Developer preferably in ReactJS with at least 1+ years of experience.


What lies ahead :

As a React developer, you will be working on using modular and reusable components to build, connect and interact with every part of the application. You will be responsible towards providing a favourable user experience to the customer, managing data and controlling complex interactions of different parts of application using actions and global state.

Also being a Javascript developer, you will apply best practices of ECMAScript ( ES6+ ), manage asynchronous requests, efficiently reuse modules across different classes and ensure a DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) code practice.


Skills Required :

As a ReactJS Developer, a candidate MUST have knowledge of :

1. Good understanding of JS Fundamentals ( Inheritance, Object oriented design, ECMAScript features, promises, callbacks, event handling etc.)
2. JSX elements.
3. React Lifecycle hooks (v16+).
4. Redux, React-Redux and managing global state.
5. Redux Thunk and dispatching actions.
6. React Router v4
7. React Transition Group and CSS Transition Group


The following skills are preferred, however not mandatory :

1. Javascript ES6 syntax.
2. Gulp / Grunt / Deploy tools.
3. Basic understanding of module bundler preferably Webpack.
4. Npm / yarn
5. Git Cli
6. jQuery 


If you have any question related to working at VinSol, you may visit our Careers FAQ page.

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