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Posted 1 year ago
Meero’s core mission is to empower photographers to focus on what they love: photography! We take care of the rest by relying on tech and AI.

Started in 2016, Meero is on a mission to make life easier for photographers and customers alike by bringing the top-name brands directly to image creators all the while expediting all of the tedious work. From its state-of-the-art image editing technology to our teams positioned around the world, Meero is helping creators do what they do best: create.

Meero is always looking to add fresh new talents in an already amazing team. Have a look if you needed more reasons to become a Meeronaut: 

Check this new position:

Our VP Engineering is looking for a Lead Front-End developer (M/F) to join our Engineer team at Meero (about 40 people). You will lead our front-end strategy and will work on Meero’s platform as well as on our client-facing and photograph-facing applications. You will contribute to an exciting and fast-paced project that will disrupt the photography business world-wide! 

- Turning our current client-facing platforms into full React web and React Native apps,  
- Conceiving and creating our new location-based supply and demand tool, 
- Optimizing and stabilizing our React apps - web and mobile,
- Crafting new features, 
- Setting up a Front-End Development expertise team, 

As a team member, YOU WILL ALSO
- Work on Meero’s software architecture landscape with our Software Architects
- Be an active part of a squad of 6, responsible for its own organization and productivity.

And for this, WE WILL ASK YOU TO
- Produce good-quality code and follow best practices for the technology you will use, 
- Be a proactive member of the team in your domain of expertise : product conception, technical architecture, state of the art, 
- Get ownership with the rest of your squad for all the different parts of projects you work on, from the product definition phase to the measure of success, 
- Be the leader of Meero’s Front-End strategy

- Curious, crafty, detail-oriented, 
- You have a lengthy experience in web programmation
- You care about being in a caring team
- You’re equally passionate about learning new stuff and sharing your experience with your team members
- You care about code-quality
- [Bonus] you’re interested in reaching further and getting into some FullStack action

- ReactNative / React
- Vue.JS 
- NodeJs
- JavaScript/ES6
- Bootstrap
- Git
Just for your information, our back stack :  PHP7 / Symfony 5, MySQL, Docker, ElasticSearch. And we use AWS as our Cloud platform. 

- We are ambitious and and we set challenging objectives for ourselves,
- We grow strong, we’re aiming at getting the best talents to work with us,
- We are a team of passionate people, with a strong accent on collaboration,
- We are flexible in terms of remote-work, but we also have a beautiful office, located in Paris’ best neighborhood for startups,
- We have a great onboarding program, ask us about it!

- A phone call with the hiring manager to get to know each other and to learn more about the role, 
- A Technical Assessment which mirrors the real job you’ll do at Meero, 
- An Experience Assessment so that we get a clear and full understanding of you and what you bring
- A culture fit where you’ll meet your future team, they have a lot of questions for you!
- Welcome aboard!


Dream big and do bigger - Dreaming big is step one, but we don’t stop there. By realizing our ideas at
a global scale, we can transform the industry with new tools, processes, and opportunities. 
Make work play - Work should never be boring. Bold ideas and big laughs make everyday exciting, so we never get complacent. We are a family that loves each other, pushes each other, and laughs with each other. 
Champion creators - Creatives are the architects of our visual world. We work tirelessly to support their skills and business, so they can feel inspired to create.
Rise faster than you fail - We celebrate resilience in the face of failure. We truly support one other, so we’re free to fall, but quick to get up and try again. 
Give a shit - Success doesn’t happen by accident. We work with focus, determination, and pride towards our goals. We care deeply about each other, our clients, creatives, and our impact on the world. 
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