Senior Front End Engineer

React jobs at Coco Robotics

Coco Robotics

At Coco, we’re dedicated to perfecting the last-mile delivery experience. We strongly believe the delivery service industry in its current state is massively under-serving merchants, and we are committed to creating a frictionless, reliable, consistent, and sustainable delivery experience for merchants and their customers in cities everywhere.

The products team is responsible for building user facing tools, dashboards and applications. This team will design and develop products that directly empower Coco employees to improve delivery quality and reduce operational costs.

As a Front End Engineer on this team, you’ll build software that powers our growth. You’re an engineer that delivers products, not code. You have industry experience taking an idea from concept to production. You’ll be responsible for designing, developing and iterating on mission critical tools for Coco’s operations team, customers and merchants.


    • Build and manage web applications at Coco
    • Collaborate with our UI/UX designer to build intuitive web tools
    • Collaborate closely with the delivery platform team and product stakeholders
    • Communicate updates and get frequent feedback from the operations team
    • Make iterative progress towards feature roadmaps pushing at least once a week


    • 3+ YoE with React
    • 1+ YoE with Typescript
    • Strong understanding of Redux/hooks
    • Strong communication skills - you communicate daily updates and immediately flag a project when you see it falling behind schedule
    • Accurate time estimates for components & features
    • Experience working with a design system/UI mocks
    • Able to setup a React/Typescript web application without support
    • Bonus: experience with GraphQL, tailwind.css, Redux-Saga, MapboxGL
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