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Pitch is the collaborative presentation software for modern teams. We're focused on making it fast and delightful for teams to create and deliver beautiful presentations, and easy for anyone to find inspiration from templates crafted by experts. Since we launched Pitch publicly in October 2020 and raised our Series B funding in May, over 100,000 teams have adopted Pitch as their presentation software of choice, including top brands like Intercom, Superhuman, and Notion.

We are looking for a Senior React Native Engineer to join our mobile team onsite in Berlin or remotely. As a mobile team, we are on a mission to deliver an excellent presentation experience to mobile devices by building an open group of people that communicates explicitly, leverages modern cross-platform technology, applies automation techniques and ships on a daily basis.

Curious about our engineering culture? Our CTO and co-founder Adam Renklint recently contributed a blog post that dives deep into our technical foundation, our iterative approach to development, and our philosophy on building a sustainable engineering culture that's all about joyful work.

What you will be doing...

  • You will participate in the development process of product features for the Pitch mobile experience. Some of these features will closely resemble their web-app equivalents, while others will need to be completely reimagined.
  • You will join a small team of experienced developers building a cross-platform mobile application.
  • You will collaborate with your peers to define the architecture, quality standards, and best practices.
  • You will have an opportunity to work not only on the product but also on the development tools and continuous integration services.
  • You will work closely with our designers, teaming up in small cross-functional teams to bring features from idea to concept to wireframes to prototype to final implementation.
  • You will be using Clojure/Script to create functional UI components and application logic. Experience with Clojure/Script is welcomed but not required.
  • You will work on the mobile app built with React Native and, if you're interested, on the frontend (Electron and web) and backend projects to build simple, high-quality, maintainable, and well-tested solutions.

What you will bring along...

  • You are an experienced React Native engineer with a track record of shipping high quality applications.
  • You know foundations and several frameworks from the iOS and/or Android SDKs very well.
  • You are interested (or experienced) in working with web technologies, and perhaps Clojure/Script. As mentioned, experience with Clojure/Script is welcomed but not required.
  • You should have a passion for functional programming or a strong interest for diving into it.
  • You are comfortable debugging problems anywhere in the mobile application stack: persistence, networking or user interface.
  • You are interested in designing and creating effective user interfaces for smartphones and tablets.
  • You are product oriented, combining thoughtfulness with pragmatism and a will to get stuff done. You are calm and focused under pressure, and consider work-life balance essential for long-term happiness and productivity.
  • You believe effective and successful work is made possible by clear and honest communication, with a shared understanding of the long-term vision and immediate next actions. When you don't fully understand something, you ask lots of questions and use the opportunity to learn and grow.

Curious what it's like to work at Pitch? Find out more about how Pitch operates as a remote-first company through using powerful collaboration tools and dogfooding our own products!

Pitch was founded in Berlin, but as a remote-first company, our team works together from all over the world. With that mindset, we're building an inclusive workplace that invites diverse perspectives, and values talent from diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

Sounds like a good fit? Join us on our mission to enable every team's best thinking - we look forward to hearing from you!

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