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Posted 2 years ago

BIMM is booming, so we’re looking for an experienced Front End Developer to join our team.


BIMM is an agency solving complex web experience challenges for clients in Canada and across the globe. For over 30 years, we’ve crafted flawless direct, digital and retail campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Canada.

Everything we do is guided by a simple philosophy: Marketing with greater certainty. We love generating award-winning creative and measuring the impact it produces.


You use modern tools and frameworks but can code up a web app from scratch using only HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla JS (you probably won’t have to but you could do it to prove the point). You are a team player who can fly solo when needed. Although you have the full support of your team mates, you are able to lead the research and solution of complex problems. At the same time, you know when to ask for help and don’t let silly pride or ego get in the way, because after all, you are part of a team. This role will directly support our client Audi North America and have the opportunity to shape the development of their digital platform. 

“Initiative” is your middle name and you don’t give us a chance to chase you. We are on the hunt for people who have an innovative mindset (you still dream of that moonshot project, but are currently working on your side-gig)! Is this you?


Must have:

  • Knowledge of best practices building a clean codebase. eg. file maintenance, component structure
  • Portfolio demonstrating your frontend skills
  • Motivation to learn and be on the forefront of current technology standards and practices
  • Strong knowledge of fundamentals of JavaScript without a framework
  • 2-5 years exp. with one or many of the top JavaScript frameworks or libraries. ie. React, Vue, Angular
  • Strong knowledge of CSS
  • Comfortable with the command line and git utilities
  • Worked with large projects from inception to completion
  • Familiarity with working with different CMS integrations and building out clean content structures


  • Experience with GraphQL and Apollo
  • Experience with Node
  • Experience with NextJS or NuxtJS
  • Familiar with SSR applications and their requirements
  • Experience with Styled Components
  • Experience with MongoDB or other databases
  • Experience with ecommerce platforms, e.g. Shopify Plus, CommerceCloud, Hybris, etc.

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