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About r2c

Our mission is to make world-class software security available to everyone. This means building program analysis tools that are open source, easy to use, powerful, and fast. It also means building a team with security expertise and a passion for great developer experiences. Most of all, it means working with honesty and respect in a diverse community of dreamers and builders. We’ve redefined static analysis tooling by committing to all of these, and turned our project, Semgrep, into an essential safeguard for code at Snowflake, Dropbox, and more.

About the role

As r2c's first senior frontend engineer, you'll be a founding member of our frontend team. Your mission will be to improve code security by simplifying how developers and app-sec engineers detect, observe, define, and respond to security vulnerabilities. You'll closely collaborate with our product team, including UX and visual designers, and our application development team, including full-stack engineers with a breadth of backgrounds. You’ll quickly iterate to develop our product, rapidly shipping features and experiments. You will define our technologies, library choices, API interface, and frontend architecture, using these to empower your team to rapidly build exquisite user experiences. You will mentor and advise your colleagues, helping them grow into experts themselves.

Along the way, you will work with a dedicated group of full-stack, backend, and infrastructure engineers, as well as security researchers and program-analysis developers. You will learn state-of-the-art backend and infrastructure paradigms, while also learning what it means to have “secure-by-default” frontend code. You will meet and collaborate with security-industry scions. And, as a member of our team, you’ll be a part of the decisions that make an early-stage startup successful. Your work will be critical to our mission. Every feature you build will have a measurable impact on our users’ lives. We’re excited to see what you do.

What you'll do

    • Research industry-standard and up-and-coming frontend technologies, then judiciously apply them in our codebase to boost our frontend development quality and velocity
    • Iteratively solve user problems with sketches, paper prototypes, and Figma mocks — then robustly and rapidly build them with production-quality functional React in TypeScript
    • Apply real-world usage metrics from tools like FullStory to improve our most loved features, while replacing broken ones
    • Mentor engineers with architecture discussions, design sessions, and code reviews, helping them gain the knowledge they need to independently build high-quality user experiences
    • Advocate for Semgrep as a product solution in public meetups and conferences
    • Help grow our team, by participating in the recruitment and hiring of top engineering talent

You are ideal for this role if you have

    • 4+ years of experience writing production-quality frontend code for web applications
    • Demonstrated wide-ranging knowledge of modern frontend technologies, including React, TypeScript, front-end state management (e.g. RxJS, React Hooks), ingress controllers (e.g. nginx), cloud-provided content delivery services (e.g. CloudFront, Cloud CDN, AWS API Gateway, Cloudflare, Netlify, etc.), web analytics tools (e.g. FullStory), testing strategies, application-performance management tools (e.g. DataDog, NewRelic), search-engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and micro-frontend architectures
    • Aptitude delivering technical projects via rapid iterative development
    • Excellent, proactive communication, both verbal and written

Some example projects that you might work on include

    • Develop an end-to-end workflow to enable developers to triage security findings — allowing them to easily fix code issues, provide feedback to their security teams, and improve their security over time
    • Propose and lead implementation of synthetic application testing, enabling your teammates to rapidly build with confidence
    • Work with full-stack engineers to define our application API, loading results for thousands of security findings in milliseconds
    • Work with our infrastructure team to serve frontend assets on the cloud edge, making sure far-flung customers have a high-quality user experience
    • Build out r2c’s web-application component inventory, ensuring that we can rapidly and consistently prototype new features
    • Mentor a new engineer on lazily fetching frontend state, helping them build their own high-performance frontend
What we offer

Our goal is to competitively and fairly compensate every r2cer with a system that equally rewards those who are vocal and those who are less comfortable making demands during the final steps of the hiring process. To that end, we generate internal compensation bands that are used when discussing and negotiating salaries. We update these based on market data to make sure they’re above the average for comparable roles.

We also invest in our employees’ well-being and long term success with comprehensive health plans, generous vacation time, 401k matching, learning stipends, and more. Our benefits are for everyone, so that you’re taken care of, and we work with individuals to make sure they have what they need, whether that’s quiet work space, adjusted hours, or something else.

Who we are

We have people from France and the Philippines, physics and philosophy, formal methods research and full fledged corporations. We’re new parents and new grads, aspiring authors and aspiring Americans, dog lovers and dogfooders. We get together often to bike, bake, and meet up in parks. In our interactions, we believe respect and honesty go hand in hand, and prioritize both.

r2c is an equal-opportunity employer seeking a diverse range of backgrounds. We value who you are — including your cultural heritage, your socioeconomic status, your age, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, your disabilities. We value what’s vitally important to you — your family, your religion, your politics. We value what you love in this world — your music, your weekend pursuits. We believe in welcoming varied professional backgrounds, educations, and interests. If you’re exceptional in your role, believe in r2c’s mission, and treat r2c’s values as your own, you belong here.

You will need working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English. Your team primarily works in the Pacific and Central European time zones.
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