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At Slab, we build beautiful software for teams. We believe that a team's ability to store and organize information ultimately defines their ability to communicate, collaborate, and execute. Slab is like a knowledge base or wiki, but reimagined to be fast, intuitive, and powerful. We think of it as a long-term memory for your team.

We are a small team of experienced developers and designers, on a mission to make work easier. Our CEO is the creator and maintainer of Quill, a popular open-source rich text editor. Among us, we have previously started and sold two companies focused on collaboration. Slab's approach to work is inspired by companies that have a big impact while staying relatively small. We embrace remote and flexible work arrangements.

Slab is backed by investors including NEA, CRV, and Matrix Partners.

Technologies We Use

• Javascript (ES6) + SASS
• Typescript
• React + Redux
• GraphQL + Apollo + Absinthe
• Phoenix + Elixir
• Postgres
• Docker

Sound like You?

• You have experience working on a professional software development team (4+ years)
• You consider more than one way to implement a change, and choose the best one based on the trade-offs
• You have extensive domain knowledge and experience with modern application frameworks
• You demonstrate the ability to learn quickly
• You ask a lot of questions and love to learn

If you are a previous start-up founder, open-source contributor, college dropout, or came to software engineering from a totally different field, we'd love to hear your story.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary: $100k - $150k (Geographically adjusted)
Equity: 0.25% - 2%

• Flexible vacation — two weeks required!
• Free catered lunch (5x per week)
• Medical, dental, and vision insurance
• $5k desk setup of your choice
• 7 year option exercise window
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