Software Engineer

React jobs at Fiddler Labs

Fiddler Labs

What you'll do:

Design, build, support, and own the frontend of our critical enterprise products used by our customers.

Contribute to each step of Product Development from ideation, implementation, shipping code to production.

What we're looking for:

Experience in designing, building, and owning full-stack web applications end-to-end on a modern stack using React, Vue, Elm, Cycle.js for the front end and Python, Node for the backend.

A focus on modern web development. You've read about, used, or know what the following are, and have opinions as to when and where to use them or not: Redux, Flux, Immutable.js, Flow, TypeScript, WebSockets, Apollo, Relay, GraphQL, React Native, ASM.js, WebGL, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Flexbox, Sass, etc.

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