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Front-end React Developer


Note: This is a job listing for CrazyGames (not Prezly). You can find all information about the position and CrazyGames in this Job Description section and the About the Company section below. Please ignore information that relates to Prezly.

As our front-end developer, you will convert ideas and designs into real-life product features used by millions of players.

Your role: 

  • Within 1 week you will close your first Jira issue by submitting a Pull Request.
  • Within 2 months you will have implemented a redesign of a part of our website by converting Sketch designs into responsive and polished product features in the context of an existing React / Typescript project.
  • Within 6 months you will have made proposals on refactoring the project and updating the tech stack.
  • Within 12 months you will take the final responsibility for the UX details and quality of the front-end code for 2 projects that you’ll be working on.

Reach out if: 

  • You are efficient and have a proactive and get-things-done mentality.
  • You like to take on challenges and learn new things.
  • You are a pro at getting things to look right using top-notch React and CSS code.
  • You enjoy seeing your work validated through vast amounts of user analytics.

What we offer:

  • Clean, well-structured, and already functional projects.
  • Onboarding into our React and Typescript tech stack, as well as our linting and testing tools.
  • Thorough code reviews and feedback.
  • Lots of opportunities for increasing your skills by working in a small team of 2 technical colleagues with amazing full-stack software engineering skills.
  • A young, diverse, proactive, and smart team that is partially remote and partially based in Leuven, Belgium.
  • The opportunity to play games and claim it is work.

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