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Posted 2 years ago
When you think about your last doctor’s appointment, how much do you actually recall? If you’re like most people, you’ll likely forget over 40% of the conversation. Details fall through the cracks, generic printouts you receive end up in the trash, and important information never makes it to other doctors. Ultimately, you’re left needing to connect the dots in your care. That’s why we started Abridge with a simple thesis: if we can shift agency to consumers, we can help them stay on top of their health. When you use Abridge to record your health conversations, the conversations themselves become your medical record. It’s as easy as that.

About the role:
We’re looking for a Mobile Team Lead to help build our patient-oriented mobile app. In this role you’ll provide technical and process oversight to a team of 3-5 mobile engineers, and support the career growth of team members through hiring, regular feedback, and coaching. You’ll write code with React Native and Typescript for both our iOS and Android apps. You will see firsthand the impact that we are making on people’s health. This is a new role in our growing team and offers a great deal of responsibility, autonomy, and impact.

Some of our recent projects include enabling users to find others with similar health experiences; collaborating with our machine learning team to productize new insights that help people stay on top of their health; and removing friction from key workflows within our application through optimization and close collaboration with our amazing UX team.

Your responsibilities

    • Manage a team of 3-5 mobile engineers. Hire and retain talented team players, and provide regular feedback that enables the growth of both early-career and experienced engineers
    • Lead the team in designing and building software that solves user needs without compromising security, privacy, or quality. In this role you’ll write code, and tests for that code
    • In collaboration with other engineering teams, curate and implement our technology roadmap to ensure that our codebase remains a great place to work
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for the team, including representing the team to the rest of the organization
    • Communicate regularly and effectively with team members and other colleagues
    • Champion best practices within your team and to the rest of the organization
    • Foster a positive, humane, and productive culture within the team

Ideally, you:

    • Have 2+ years of experience managing software engineers
    • Enjoy helping team members grow as engineers
    • Have several years’ experience building, shipping, and supporting mobile applications for the consumer market. You’ve seen what works, and probably a few things that didn’t work
    • Are excited about working in our mobile tech stack, which includes React Native and Typescript
    • Are willing to pitch in wherever needed - as a fast-moving startup we need to do good work, quickly
    • Are comfortable with working across domains and languages with a curiosity to experiment & learn new things

    • We value people who want to learn new things, and we know that great team members might not perfectly match a job description. If you’re interested in the role but aren’t sure whether or not you’re a good fit, we’d still like to hear from you.
Remote, with most team members in the US Eastern time zone. We are family- and life-friendly and believe in flexible work hours. We care more about what you accomplish than what specific hours you’re working. Post-pandemic, remote team members may be asked to travel for team events a few times each year.

Life at Abridge

At Abridge, we’re driven by our mission to bring understanding and follow-through to every medical conversation. Our culture is founded on doing things the “inverse” way in a legacy system—focusing on patients, instead of the system; focusing on outcomes, instead of billing; and focusing on the end-user experience, instead of a hospital administrator's mandate.
Abridgers are engineers, scientists, designers, and health policy experts from a diverse set of backgrounds—an experiment in alchemy that helps us transform an industry dominated by EHRs and enterprise into a consumer-driven experience, one recording at a time. We believe in strong ideas, loosely held, and place a high premium on a growth mindset. We push each other to grow and expose each other to the latest in our respective fields. Whether it’s holding a PhD-level deep dive into understanding fairness and underlying bias in machine learning models, debating the merits of a Scandinavian design philosophy in our UI/UX, or writing responses for Medicare rules to influence U.S. health policy, we prioritize sharing our findings across the team and believe that "you need to taste good things to have good taste."
Abridge is an equal opportunity employer. Diversity and inclusion is at the core of what we do. We actively welcome applicants from all backgrounds (including but not limited to race, gender, educational background, and sexual orientation).
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