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Lead Frontend Engineer


  • 6+ years of experience building high-quality, secure presentation layers for serving real-time data intensive application.
  • Proven technical leadership in front-end web languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, D3 js), with experience in driving cutting-edge web systems at scale.
  • Hands on experience in building applications and services using Node. js, React/Redux etc.
  • Strong experience in implementing complex UIs that leverage RESTful JSON and/or GraphQL APIs.
  • Experience with JavaScript testing tools and test driven development processes (mocha/chai, jasmine, headless browser testing etc).
  • Ability to make choices between build, buy vs leveraging open source technologies for solving product/business problems.
  • Expert in designing modular UI components/microservices on front end using technology like Open Component
  • Deep knowledge of multiple browser engine rendering architecture
  • High attention towards performance optimizations, system scalability, availability and site stability.
  • Experience in cloud infrastructure (Docker, ECS, Containers etc.)
  • Opinion on responsive design techniques, progressive enhancement, and experience driving these techniques in a large team.
  • High attention to detail in maintaining design integrity throughout the Agile/Kanban development lifecycle.
  • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills for interacting persuasively with product/design/business stakeholders.
  • Proven experience solving complex business problems in a scalable manner.
  • Affinity for a fast-paced, early-stage environment

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