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Our Mission
Human knowledge is the world’s most valuable asset. And yet, despite being more interconnected than ever, most knowledge still remains stuck in our heads, inaccessible and underutilized. Office Hours’ mission is to unlock the value of human knowledge by incentivizing and empowering people to share what they know. Read more

What you might build

    • Advisor profile page that provides any working professional with Shopify-like tooling to be booked by anyone.
    • Knowledge graph search interface to browse associations between people, companies, products, technologies, areas of research, etc.
    • Screener-building interface to allow quickly determining whether an advisor has the knowledge a client is looking for.
    • Multi-party audio/video experience with real-time transcriptions.

The company

    • We’re a team of 10.
    • We have a cool office in downtown SF, which most of the team works out of.
    • At the same time, we’re 100% remote friendly.
    • At only 1 year old, we generate enough revenue to cover a significant chunk of our expenses.
    • We have some cool users.
    • Some of them actively promote their Office Hours profiles online.
    • It’s more than just business for us. Through our platform, hundreds of advisors have donated a portion of their proceeds to hospitals, universities, and organizations like TEACH

Engineers on the team today

    • Work in React primarily (Next.js).
    • Are not afraid to make backend changes anywhere in the stack to avoid having to wait for someone else to unblock them.
    • Have autonomy to figure out the solutions to their challenges.
    • Put themselves in the shoes of our users to craft a great experience.
    • Are able to communicate effectively both with technical engineers and with non-technical teammates.
    • Are obsessive about productivity and hate wasting time. They write scripts to automate their repetitive tasks, and complain to their manager if processes are slowing them down unnecessarily.
    • Bring to Product’s attention cases where a small tweak in our designs could greatly reduce technical complexity.
    • Have an eye for visual design. They notice when spacing and fonts are inconsistent, and it bothers them.
    • Are constantly thinking, “How can I structure this code so future developers will be less likely to accidentally break it?”

About you

    • Have at least 2 years working full-time as a software engineer
    • Have worked on great products and complex systems
    • Have a history of being more effective than your peers
    • Learn quickly and are excited to join a world-class engineering team

Current tech stack

    • AWS
    • Docker
    • Vercel
    • Elasticsearch
    • MongoDB
    • Node.js (express)
    • React (Next.js)
    • Tailwind

Perks at Office Hours

    • Competitive compensation and equity package
    • Healthcare, dental, and vision coverage.
    • Unlimited PTO
    • You are encouraged to take off 1 Friday per month
    • $100 a month gym stipend
    • Blank check for your ideal workstation setup (laptop, keyboard, chair, etc.).
    • Flexible vacation time, regular company holidays, and two company retreats per year (with significant others)
    • We are parent-friendly and provide flexible working hours/remote work, as well as paid family leave.
    • We like to eat our own dog food and provide 10 free office hours a year for each employee.

Appendix - quotes from our users

    • “Office Hours was the best experience I’ve had with a consulting firm so far! Truly.”
    • “Your company is the greatest life hack ever”
    • “The call went well. We enjoyed it so much we didn’t even realize how far over time we were!”
    • “The call was great. Platform is fantastic and it was a good match. Thanks for your help!”
    • "Wow!! What a wonderful service!...I'm totally impressed! "
    • "Really impressive guys. Thank you"
    • “LOVE IT!!”
    • “The entire process was easy from start to finish. And I love that the payment was automatic within just a few hours through PayPal. I work with about 9 other expert consulting firms and none of them offer this option.”
    • “Based on feedback from colleagues’ experiences with other expert resource networks, I had the expectation that I would be lucky if I connected with one expert with relevant experience in 10 interviews. Instead, I found that the experts at the very least were able to confirm our assumptions and the vast majority shared insights into key market dynamics, including process economics, existing solutions, competitive landscape, and regulatory processes. This has allowed us to more effectively leverage our budget across more projects.”
    • “The experts that Office Hours put us in touch with were very highly qualified to answer the questions we needed. If I compare the experience to those that I have had with other firms in this space (e.g. GLG or AlphaSights) I would say the hit rate for the right people was much better--on the order of two to three times. So If I had to review 6 people at GLG to find one good candidate, I only needed two from Office Hours.”
    • "We will most definitely complete the survey, use you guys for future deals and will recommend you to our peers. We were extremely impressed with the entire experience, communication, quick turnaround, high-quality experts, etc. The value add to our diligence process was immense."
    • “I'm on GLG, AlphaSights, some other one - OfficeHours had the smoothest experience, can tell there's a good prod/eng team.”
    • "I am part of 4 other platforms that do the same thing, Office Hours is the most technologically advanced (which is funny given how early stage you are)."
    • "That one call saved us weeks of disparate research and diligence, and we would have never gotten to that level of nuance. If I need intel, there’s no better way than asking a potential customer and getting direct insight…My boss is a former consultant who misses doing expert calls, and he was absolutely blown away. Incredibly positive first experience and opportunity for our usage to grow”
    • “I did learn a lot . It will change the way I practice” (from a doctor)
    • “Thank you for the honorarium which I received earlier this week. It has been placed in our boys future wedding fund as both are getting married in the fall, 2022 and "every little bit helps."

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