Senior Frontend Engineer

Compose AI

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Posted 2 years ago
Compose AI is a fast growing startup backed by YCombinator that just recently closed a $2.1mil seed round led by David Sacks and Craft Ventures, as well as investments from Sequoia and cofounders from Kayak, Hubspot, Vercel, and Honey. We’re disrupting the way people type by leveraging artificial intelligence. 

Job Description
We are looking for an experienced frontend-stack engineer to help our team create a stunning experience across all major websites as well as expand our Chrome Extension to more websites. We need your help to make our mission a reality: amplify human potential by bringing intelligence to human-computer communication. We are starting by providing AI-powered autocompletion across all of your tools and devices.

Potential Projects
Integrating and improving the integration process for our extension to work on leading websites
- In particular websites that do not play nicely with others changing the DOM without them knowing!
Designing and implementing a way to easily gather various pieces of context from various websites in order to feed our model what it needs to make better predictions
- As well as making that simple for other engineers to do
Creating a dashboard experience showing users how much time Compose AI saves them, etc.
Working with a designer/PM to create fun visual quirks to make using the extension a memorable experience
Create smooth onboarding experiences for new users

6+ years of Javascript/web dev experience
Good knowledge of Typescript
Great written communication skills
Experience testing vanilla JS/TS frontend code (unit, integration, UI, end-to-end, etc.)
Ability to create simple interfaces for other developers to implement to solve complex frontend problems (in particular)
Interview future job candidates
Help establish team standards

Ideal Candidates
Knowledge of Chrome Extension APIs and architecture
Experience testing Chrome Extensions
Knowledge of Websockets/SocketIO
2+ years of React experience
2+ years of Redux experience
Experience creating visual-heavy websites, smooth animations, and/or unique UXs
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